Monday, February 28, 2011

Sumatra 2011

Its been a busy week. As well as the dayjob, I have been busy writing an article for EdgeScience magazine,to be published I believe in April. I also took some time out to tie up with a great new friend of mine. Now however, I am turning my mind to expeditions. I am happy to announce that I will be returning to Sumatra in September 2011.I will be joined by my chief guide Sahar, and Andy Sanderson will be coming with me for the first time since 2004, I think.
Other team members confirmed are :Chris Clark, Richard Freeman, and Rebecca and Mike from CFZ Australia.
Its still early in the planning stage,but I am already looking forward to it!
In the meantime, I would really like to squeeze another expedition in if at all possible, so if anyone has any ideas /help, please feel free to contact me.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Well, last week I was pondering where to take my new hydrophone, and right on cue, a supposed sighting of a Lake Monster appeared at Lake Windermere, which is a few hours drive from me!
I am a great fan of hydrophones.With this device, you are able to record sounds,and have them scientifically analysed.Indeed , I was part of a team that sucessfully did this while looking for Selma, Norway's Nessie.The sound recordings we brought back ,led the Marine Research institute to conclude that they were from an unkown species.The problem with Sonar, is that alhtough it may be able to tell that a large object is moving through the water, it cannot tell you what it is with any reliability.Eyewitness and film footage can also be prone to mis-identification, (eels, otters etc).However sincere the person who has seen the `monster` may be.Of course, there are always hoaxers ...
I remain very doubtful indeed at present, but what's to lose?I was very sceptical of the Seljord Serpent's existence, but I ended up seeing that with my own eyes, much to my surprise!
In the meantime ,standby for some important expedition news...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hydrophone and the Killer Tortoise.

Well, my new hydrophone has come in the post,and like all the new kit that I seem to buy, at first,I haven't a clue how to use it! Not yet ,anyway-but I will have a fun practising I guess.Dr.Chris Clarke joked that he had `stress tested` his in the bath,but I can't imagine what noises he has induced in their to get readings,and frankly I don't want to :)
No, will take mine out with a friend of mine who is a dive master, and see how reliable it is in more extreme surroundings.
Its been a few months now since I go back from India,and I am restless ,and wished I could be in the field once again.I was pleased that the interview I did with Tim Binnall got such a positive response from those who listened,and a big thank you to all those people who have mailed me subsequently, to ask me questions ,or to say that they enjoy reading or listening to what I do. I do read all the correspondence I get, and will always reply to any of your mails.
In the meantime, I do need to begin planning where I go next,but as ever, it has to be subject to what I can afford...
In the meantime though, , I will have to settle into more mundane tasks. For the second time in a week, my son's bloody tortoise has taken a chunk out of my foot!
A `master of disguise`, it lurks beneath the coffee table, and the moment I sit down seems to lunge(as speedily as a tortoise can), towards my big toe,which it infinitely prefers as a tasty snack to the chopped cucumber and red pepper I dutifully chopped up for it.
I have decided it is ungrateful.No animal should bite the toe that feeds it.