Saturday, April 17, 2010

New expeditions.

At last we have had some decent sunshine.Spring has exploded, and with it a wonderful carcophony of plants and animals. At the Warburg nature reserve, I saw my first common lizards of the season.Whilst `Up north`, I have seen grest crested newts , and the return of the wonderful sandmartin as I walked along the river Bollin this afternoon.
Another thing that is exploding, is that wretched Volcano in Iceland!
I am supposed to be spending next weekend in Amsterdam, for a friends birthday, but the way things are going, I could be spending a long weekend here instead. If you don`t hear from me by this time next week, I am there , otherwise I will be posting.
I can confirm now that I will definately be going to India to look for the Mande -Burung. However, as the monsoon season fast approaches, I probably will not be able to get there until October or November. That leaves me with needing to plan something to do during summer.
Last week , I was a guest on the excellent `Parafactor` radio show , along with Nick, Cliff and Linda. I had a great time.I think its fair to say that although some differing views were expressed, there was mutual respect demonstrated by all the participants for each others work, and we all got on very well. At the end of the show, Cliff extended to me (and to us all) the offer to go on a Sasquatch hunt with him. I intend to take him up on that, just as soon as I can afford it.
There is also one other exciting development in the pipeline.I will reveal more about it ,on this blog, when I can......

Last night my friend Penny said she was going out with four nurses for the night, and would Anthony and I like to come? `Sure !!! We both said. Turns out they all worked on the rectal unit.
I now know more about the human anus than I could ever possibly have wished to know.
Guys , I still cannot believe where our G spot is supposed to be !That is very , very unfair.......

Friday, April 2, 2010

DNA update /The Parafactor.

I had an email exchange yesterday ,with Todd Disotell, the scientist who has been conducting the analysis on the hair samples gathered on my most recent expedition to Sumatra.Despite three attempts, Todd and his team have ben unable to extract any DNA from the samples. Todd has theorised that the heat and humidity may well caused a degradation. Whatever the reason, its deeply frustrating. As many of you will know, I have spent thousands of pounds of my own money striving to prove the existence of the Orang-Pendek. Why? Simply because having been there on many occasions, I know the OP exists, and I also know , that time is running out for it. I believe the only chance it has to confirm its existence to science. There is still some hope .The lab in Copenhagen is also conducting tests ,and there is still a small chance we could yet pull something out of the bag. Don`t hold your breath ,though. I will have to go back. Not yet though.

Now for two positives! plans for the expedition to India are going very well. On Friday, I will be meeting up with some of the possible team to begin making plans. More updates will follow on this.
On Thursday April 8th, I will be joining a cryptid roundtable along with Linda Godfrey, Clif Barrackman and Nick Redfern. Its a great idea from my good friends from The Parafactor.The show will be on at EST For me, that is 3a.m. in the morning!So, mail them with any questions to keep me on my toes!
Time for some good fortune now, ladies and gentlemen.