Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Testing The Evidence.

I had a look at Cryptomundo last night, and the evidence we found, or certainly the nature of it, seem to be causing a lively debate! Soon I will write up a more detialed account of the expedition and publish it on the blog. What I will do today is stick to the facts on what we actually got , and what I intend to do next in terms of analyising that evidence.

1/ We have got both Rattan that the animal was probably chewing, and hair .

The Rattan + 1 hair was found at the location where Dave Archer and Sahar Didmus saw the Orang-Pendek. This was in a place I specifically choseto go, after finding tracks there on previous occcasions , including the cast of the footprint I found in 2001.

2/ We also have numerous hairs found on a tree . This ran parallell to another Orang-Pendek track I found on the other side of the Lake.

3/ We found two seperate Orang-Pendek trails which I photographed. These were identified by the Forest Rangers as originating from the OP. In terms of size and other specifics etc, they match the print I found in 2001.

4/We have two eyewitnesses, and I also have a sworn affadavit from forest ranger Sahar Didmus as to what he saw. We do not have a photo.

What next? The hair and Rattan will now be subject to scientific analysis by Professor Todd Disotell, from New York University. Whilst I cannot be sure they are from the OP, I can be confident they were gathered in the best possible manner they could be in the field, using sterilised tweezers, with no cross human contamination. They are now stored in ethanol. I will of course, make that information public.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am Back !

I am back in the U.K. A few scars, but nothing that won`t heal. I have so much to tell you!
However, possibly the greatest highlight is that two team members, Dave Archer, and Sahar Didmus saw the Orang-Pendek. I took the team to an area where I have found prints before. As we were approaching that location, I heard the movement of a large animal, and ordered the team to stop. As Dave and Sahar peeled off to move slightly ahead, both of them caught sight of the OP. Dave reported that it had attempted to hide, pinning its face against a tree. Subsequently, it then moved with a bipedal motion , on two legs, through the jungle. Dave reported that the creature most closely resembled a chimpanzee .Of course though, there are no chimpanzees in Indonesia, and none that walk on two legs!!
We found several trails, including some with great footprints.Probably most importanly of all , we also found chewed rattan and hair samples in tow locations where we found the trails. This could well be of enormous significance, as if they are from the animal, we will be able to identify its DNA.....

I will of course post furhter updates on the Blog .

To come: How I ended up being kissed by a King, and the perils of dealing with Tigers at night...!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Yeti Just sighted!

Just sighted!

I have just been sent a report that an Orang-Pendek has been sighted right in the area where we are going to be looking-it was spotted by villagers eating some fruit on the edge of farmland!

Its getting exciting! Right , I really do have to go now...................

I am off to Sumatra!

Well, after months of planning ,I am finally on my way in a few hours.

I have got alll my kit camrea traps , G.P.S. etc - including as much Beef Jerkey as my kit will carry........

I am looking forward to the jungle , but not the food- I have spent several months eating fish head curry three times a day in previous expeditions! Where is the rest of the damn fish?

Still I will no doubt be offered some spicy chicken heads to wash it down with . Great people , beautiful country, but I reckon I could make a million by building a fat camp here...........

I will update you ,if I can when I can .

Monday, September 7, 2009

I want to see it. I want to see it so badly, I dream about it.

I will now have been to Indonesia five times looking for evidence of the Orang –Pendek, the Sumatran Yeti. Importantly, I have found real scientific evidence of its existence . For example , the hair I found in 2001 was identified as being from an unknown primate, by the gentleman who analysed the hair in the famous Dingo baby case; while a primatologist at Cambridge reached the same conclusion over the prints.(see my book Extreme expeditions : Travel Adventures Stalking The World’s Mystery Animals –for more details). Any evidence I do /will find will always be open to independent scientific scrutiny. Otherwise it counts for nothing.

I have spent thousands of pounds of my own money looking for the Orang- Pendek . I have interviewed reams of witnesses, and travelled hundreds of miles through jungle. I have been been sucked by too many leeches to count, and on one memorable occasion realised I had bacillary dysentery, whilst I was on top of a mountain….


The Lake where we are going on the second part of the expedition, Tujuh is an exceptionally beautiful place. A volcano crater which is shrouded by Primal Jungle. As you approach the camp by canoe, Gibbons warn others of your approach. Beyond that , bears. golden cats and Tigers really do roam only a few yards into that forest. In the diversity of its life, there is nowhere like it on earth.

I know the Orang-Pendek exists. I have travelled with several others in search of it, and I can say that the team we have- Dally and Sahar (Indonesia) and myself Chris Richard and Dave are a strong dedicated team. For the first half of the expedition, we will be staying with the Kubu, and I hope to learn about their oral traditions and legends , as well as utilising their services in the quest………

The Palm Oil plantations are upon us . The work we are doing is for good, so wish us luck!

Let me see it………..

Adam Davies.