Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yes folks, I finally joined face book.I have enjoyed playing with it over the last couple of weeks.After all, it can't get me into anymore trouble than sending texts after a night down the pub:)
Now that spring is upon us ,I am going to start upping my running, and finally give up smoking.Yeah its those patches for me!
I am starting to work out some of the objectives for how we operate the expedition in Sumatra,and after I share and discuss it with the team, I will post more on it here .What I can say now though, is that I intend to operate the teams,for the first time ever, from up to three locations,and the array of equipment we are now able to bring looks very exciting indeed!

I am looking forward to the Easter Break.At Easter in the U.K., we seem to have developed a tradition that we must, by law, gorge ourselves on chocolate at Easter.Quite what that has to do with Christ's death and resurrection,I have no idea...I read once that its some sort of Pagan crossover to do with fertility though?
Anyway, however you are spending it, and wethere you are fertile or not,I wish all readers of this blog a really great Easter.....

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Tenerife was a blast! There will be more no doubt, on the blog to come.For starters though, lets just say my friend Stuart discovered a previously unknown talent for pole dancing,and was really yes really, good at it. Also Anthony, was put `on trial` ,and is now famous in Tenerife!!!!

Anyway, on to the Crypto info.I was concerned this week as the team's chief guide Sahar was hospitalised with a back injury.However, the good news is that he has recovered from that, and will be with us for the expedition later in the year. The team from Oz, has also booked their flights, and will be arriving the day before us in Sumatra.
Yesterday,I also had some really good news.I recently submitted an article for the scientific publication `EdgeScience` magazine. I am delighted to say it has made the front cover! Its out on the 15th April, if you would like to look at it.My article is entitled, `New primate species in Sumatra`.
It was great weather in Tenerife, and just as I arrived back to Manchester it started to brighten up here to.
London on Friday was really really hot! Time to start my Summer fitness training....