Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas!

Well, I am frozen. I have just spent the last five hours climbing an ice and snow face in minus 7 temperatures.I am off for a very hot bath now, before heading off to the pub. I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone who reads this a very Happy Christmas!
On the CFZ website today, you can see a photo of a potentially new sub-species of Red Panda.The animal was shot by a local surgeon at Balpakram National Park in Meghalaya. Just after Jon had spotted the horns ,which may result in a new species of deer, this gentleman said to me `do you want to come to my house and see the red panda I shot?" Of course we did! I think Dave was the first to notice that the bands around its tail are much lighter than most red pandas that we have seen.Lars will of course do the tests, so as ever we will have to wait and see.
Until then, I hope Santa brings us all what we wish for.........

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Expedition news and film footage.

Well, the analysis of the India expedition field research has begun,and here's hoping for some great results. There seems to be a very good chance for example, that John McGowan will have discovered a new species of deer.Unlike John, I am no expert on deer species ,but I could easily see that the antlers we took D.N.A from at Mr. Llewellyn Marak's house, were significantly larger than a Munjac.This would of course , be a find of huge significance ,and I really hope it bears fruit. Of course ,there are other samples of hair and bone which we gathered,including hair that just could be from the Mande-Burung,but I think the horns are our best bet.
That takes nothing away from the existence of the Mande-Burung .I firmly believe in its existence, and in my last post I speculated as to what it was.If you would like to see some of the footage I shot on the expedition,please take a look at John Carlson's Paranomalist blog.It gives you a litle taster of what it was like on expedition.
I am pleased to say that I am doing an interview with Tim Binnall on Tuesday night.I will let you know when its available for upload. I always have a good time doing Tim's show!
In my dayjob, it was Office Party week, and I have to say I really enjoyed mine.What a merry go round.....Last night I went out with my old friend Andy Sanderson, and had a talk about a few of our past adventures.Where shall I go next?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mande-Burung.A relic Gigantopithicus?

I have started looking through my notes now, and the detailed interviews we conducted with eyewinesses to the creature ,and I thought I would share a few facts with you from them.Firstly, it appears to be ominvirous, and seems to make the most of its environments food sources..I was told it has been sighted in pineapple plantations.One of the eyewitneses described how he had seen a mother and baby eating bamboo .Secondly it displays agression,for example, another witness told how he had been chased out of a bamboo plantation.Could this have been a mock charge, in a similar fashion to the Gorilla?
Before I entered the jungle, I was also told by one of the forest guides that it ate freshwater crabs and I subsequently found what appeared to be MB prints, turned over rocks, and crab shells in a small stream. All described the creature as being huge,at least 9 feet tall, it seems, and covered in black hair. The consistency of the descriptions from the witnesses, especially under the scrutiny I gave them, was very encouraging.
I have shown some of my photos to some of my friends now.I expected them to remark on the beauty of the environment, or the snapshots of tribal life ,such as the 100 drums Wangala festival,which I attended. But no. Almost without fail, most have taken the mick out of my jungle trousers.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I was not in Manchester then, and cammo pants and braces really are a good look out there.LOL
I think I know what I 'll be getting for Christmas............

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mande-Burung video footage.

Well, I have been having all sorts of fun with my HD camera jamming on me over the last few days,but I am finally making progress ,and I hope to release some of the footage I shot whilst in India ,very shortly. On every sequence we all seem to look a bit knackered,but then we were , and I wasn't worrying about wether the camera got my best side and all!
It reminded me of when I made my first film for National Geographic in Mongolia.Bilgee , who is my friend and an excellent translator, also accompanied me, as we looked for evidence of the Almas, in the remote western mountains near the border with Kazakhstan. He is a very hard man, and is missing a few teeth through various scrapes he has go into over the years. One morning, before we started filming, I noticed him staring into the wing miror of the jeep, looking troubled "What's up mate,?" I asked " Oh, nothing really" sighed Bilgee"but I think I need make-up before I go on set".... Imagine my response.
Right off to Antony's to sort out that camera. I had no major injuries while I was in India, but I will be hobbling to his house as I have just dropped somebody's Christmas present of a bottle of Chablis on my foot!
FIFA eh... no more words needed!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Orang-Pendek:Final Results.

Well, Lars has finished his analysis on the hairs we brought back from Sumatra last year.In summary ,he concludes that whilst the structure of the hairs point to a creature resembling an Orang-Utang, the D.N.A. more closely relates to a human. He states that he is `foreced to conclude that their is an unkown species of primate` in Sumatra.
Now , whilst this doesn't ,and cannot at this stage, say exactly what the creature is, it does state that the creature,unique in nature, DOES exist. This is a major step, and of great significance.
As many reading this will know,I have previously found evidence of the OP before .For example, cats of prints I found in 2001 were analysed by primatologists as being from an unkown species.Simlarly, hair samples found on the same expedition ,led Dr.Hans Brunner to conclude that there was an unknown species in Sumatra ,in the same manner as Lars.
So, the evidence is gathering.The moe science the better.This is a great result!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I`m back from India.

I just arrived home a few hours ago. As you no doubt appreciate ,I am a tired tonight , but I had an amazing time,and felt that I ,and the rest of the team ,met with some great success.I will post more detail about the expedition over the next few weeks , but here are some headlines. I am convinced the Mande-Burung exists. Dave Archer found what appears to be an MB footprint, at a site where an eyewitness confirmed he had seen the creature.He and John McGowan, went on to find a trail of them. I found an MB footprint in Nokrek national Park. What I found particularly interesting about this one, was that you could see a boulder in the stream which had been tossed aside , followed by some debris of a freshwater crab. The locals had told me on previous occasions that the MB was fond of eating these particular types of crab.Whilst I can't be certain it was an MB print, the size and shape were certainly consistent with eyewitness reports.The casting at site failed due to the very wet conditions. We collected a number of very consistent eyewitness reports, which described a large black bipdeal ape, which built ground nests and ate bamboo. Nothing on the camera traps so far, but we haven't finished going through them all yet. We have collected hair and bone samples which just MAY come from the MB, but of course we need to test them.
Quite by chance , and very significantly indeed, John McGowan may well have discovered a completley new species .I can't say anything more about this though, until he has conducted a thorough analysis.
The area has some amazing , vast, and largely untraversed, jungle.Beautiful.The perfect place for a relic gigantopithicus.....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We are off!

On Saturday,I will leave my house in Manchester,to travel down to Dave Archer's house ,ready for the flight to Delhi the next day.I'm really looking forward to the expedition. I began planning this in March, and now finally, we are ready to go.I hope we have a great adventure,but more than anything,wouldn't it be wonderful to bring back some proof of the existence of the Mande-Burung!
Well, we couldn't have done any more preparation.These sort of expedtions, trying to unravel mysteries that have persisted for hundreds of years, are always a long shot. Will we be lucky?Here's to hope, and in the words of Winston Churchill ,we will `never, never give up!`
You will hear from me as soon as is the time.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

India-The Countdown Begins......

This weekend , as a preparation for the India Expedition, I climbed Snowdon.Llanberis, the village which nestles in the valley below, is simply gorgeous.The place has an undoubted Alpine feel about it.The ascent was shrouded in mist,but one I got to the top, I could see for miles;miles of rolling green Welsh hills and valleys,peppered with twinkling clear blue Lakes.At night, in the Hotel bar, I joined some of the other people who had reached the summit that day, and witnessed some amazing crab like walks, as they wearily negotiated the now preposterous stairs!
We haven't got long now people, and the plans are laid,the equipment is bought ,the deal is on.I can hear the Mande-Burung calling me in my dreams now;lets hope these dreams turn to reality in a few weeks time!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mande -Burung.Team Members and Objectives.

  • The Team will be on expedition for approx three weeks.We will depart on Halloween, 31st October, from London, and return on 19/20 November.
  • I will be leading the team.I will be joined by Dave Archer and John McGowan, who will be bringing their tracking expertise to the team ,whilst Dr.Chris Clark and Richard Freeman will be providing technical and Zoological expertise respectively.
  • Dipu Marak will head up the Indian Team,which will include both trackers and porters.
  • We will be deploying traditional tracking techniques, as well as using hi-tech equipment such as infra red, camera traps, thermal imaging and field microscopes, as well as a helicam, if appropriate.
  • The team will be engaging in both arduous physical treks,and night stake outs.
  • We have already arranged a series of appointments with alleged Mande-Burung eyewitnesses.
  • The expedition will be filmed for a forthcoming documentary.
  • I would love to see one, but at the end of the day, its all about the science.Getting pictures on the camera traps would be amazing.What the expedition really hopes to do though, is get tangible physical evidence of the creature,should it exist,which can then be analysed by independent scientific experts.(e.g. to extract D.N.A for the mapping of genomes).
  • I also hope to have a great adventure whilst we are there, and get to chill with the locals!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mande -Burung.

Over the last few weeks , I have spent much of my free time preparing for the expedition to India,which departs at the end of October.The leader of the Indian team, Dipu Marak, has worked hard on comprising a really excellent itinerary for the three weeks that we are there.
As we have vehicles this time, we will be able to cover a large area of the Garo Hills. We have arranged interviews with eyewitnesses, and will of course , be trekking deep into the jungle, in the hope of finding evidence of the elusive creature.As well as the the normal camera traps,and G.P.S. etc, which we normally take out,we will also be taking silicon moulds , rather than than the plaster of paris, which has the potential to degrade, as I learnt from my last time in Sumatra. We will also be taking field microscopes, for on the spot anlysis of any finds, as well as infa red game finders and night vision equipment. We may also employ the use of a helicam,if it is apprpriate to do so.
The expedition will also be filmed for a forthcoming documentary,so you will be able to see for yourselves what happened.
I'm off to the Doctors tomorrow, to find out just how much the price of Malaria tablets have gone up.Time to dust off that knackered old rucksack again!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Its getting nearer.

Over the weekend,Dave Archer and his girlfriend Natasha hosted a meeting of the expedition team for India. They were, as they always are, very hospitable, and I would like to thank them on
behalf of all those who attended. The weather was great, and we were able to do some lovely walks to the villages of Turville, and West Wyckham respectively.Most importantly, we also began to get down to the real detail of the expedition planning.This of course, includes projected costs-in other words how much money we will all need to bring! Afterwards, we went through all the various roles everyone would have. Dave and Dr.Chris Clark, continue to research the equipment.Some of the kit we tested out, such as the latest game finders and infared technology , looked very promising indeed.
Of course, there was some time for celebrations over the last successful expedition.Marlow, was as ever, more than capable of handling that!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is the Orang-Pendek?

The scientific validation of the existence of the OP is obviously great news. On a personal point , I have been to Sumatra five times, and spent thousands of pounds of my own money on these expeditions.Each time I went ,I learnt more about the creatures movements, and refined my own techniques. I am delighted that I led such a great team, with such fabulous results.
For me ,the story now moves on to what the OP actually is. Right now I am inclined to go very much with the view that it is a variant of the Orang-Utang species which has evolved to walk bipedally, in other words ,to walk like us. The research is of course,ongoing, so we shall see.

Last week ,I took my daughter on her first roller coaster ride. We had just got on it, when some ` entertainer `jumped out and started hitting people on the head with a pretend plastic club ,grunting BOOM BOOM , as he did so. Ducking to avoid the idiot's club, my head conncted with the safety bar, resulting in a huge blackeye. The name of the ride ? King Kong!!! I have had some serious mickey taking as a result,I can tell you-no irony there, eh!

All I can say is that you may have won that round,Kong, but I won the war..................

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The results are in! Orang-Pendek proved to exist!

Today , a press release was issued by both myself,and Jon Downes, the Director of the CFZ.The synopsis of it is, that after lengthy research, Dr.Lars Thomas of Copenhagen University, has confirmed that the hairs we brought back from the Sumatra expedition ARE able to be identified.Right now, it seems that the OP is probably a variant of the Orang-Utang, but one it seems, that has learnt to walk bipedally.
Its fantastic news!!

As you can imagine, things are a bit hectic today, but I will post more on the subject at weekend.In the meantime, I would like to thankLars, and the magnificent team I had the pleasure to lead on the 2009 expedition ,for all their hard work.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The moment arrives.........

That's all I can say for now.Except that its gonna be good .Really really good ................

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Planning for India.

I have spent this last week compiling a potential kit list for the expedition in search of the Mande-Burung .Although we are not going until the end of October,its important to have a good idea of what kit we need now, not least because ,as we are self financed, we will need to start acquiring what we need ,slowly, over the coming months.We also need a good understanding of the terrain ,as we will need to carry what we need into the jungle, and weight will be an obvious constraint. Importantly, some of the technical kit, such as night vision technology , and cameras can also be temperamental in humid conditions. So, as well as doing our own research,I have been busy discussing this with my contacts in India.
I have also been considering other potential expeditions. As well as searches for Sasquatch and the Malaysian Bigfoot, the recent Lake Monster activity in Russia has caught my eye.There has been some speculation that the creature encountered by fishermen in Siberia may be reptilian ,but this has been dismissed by most commentators ,as the Lake is on too northerly a latitude to support a large reptilian creature;it is simply too cold in winter.`Ah, but what if it hibernates?`Is a theory that has been postulated by some. This interests me,as it compares very well with the conditions in Lake Seljord, where Selma, the `Norwegian Nessie` resides. In Winter, the Lake is totally frozen over,so the creatures must,I think, indulge in some form of hibernation. I wonder if there is any physiological comparison between the two? I will start to do some serious research on Siberia, in the coming months,to see if it is feasible and affordable to go out there.
In the middle of all this planning and musing today, my daughter,Ella ,(aged 6) came over to see what I was up to. She looked really unhappy, and had a little tear rolling down her cheek.. `Whats the matter ,sweetie? I said, obviously concerned.`Is there anything Daddy can do to help you?` `Not really, ` said Ella ,with a sigh `After all, you are ONLY a man`........

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Orang-Pendek sightings.

I have just recieved a report of new sightings of the Orang-Pendek from my friends Sahar and Dally in Sumatra. I have edited it slightly , mainly to avoid personal references, but other than that, here it is verbatim......
`Orang Pendek found by man on the small house near his Landang at 10 p.m. He saw Orang pendek was eating sugar, he saw orang pendek clearly about 1 metre from him. When he saw Orang Pendek he felt afraid and shock, he thought what is it?Monkey?Ape?Bear?Or what?Then he saw it is walking with two foots and stand up like human.
Then he stood up and took some sticks to hit the Orang Pendek, but he did not throw it because he was afraid.He made a loud sound to dispel Orang Pendek ,going out from his Pondok After he did this, it left.
After morning has come, at 6 a.m. he was still worried and he went to check, and he was shocked because he saw Orang-Pendek footprints.`
Makes me wish I was out there right now!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Things to Cheer you up..

I have got over the football now,I really have. I have nature. After it had finished, I took I walk in some meadows near my home to clear my head. Cutting around an ancient hawthorn hedge,I accidentally flushed a small rabbit from the long grass.At that point, a little Owl came crashing down from the top of the hedge, in obvious pursuit,before landing hard on the ground, just three feet from my foot. It took one look at me , then shot straight back up into its lair in the foliage. Awesome .
I have laughter. Aide from my normal Friday nights down the pub, a new comedy has hit the U.K. on Thursday night-Lee Nelson's `Well Good Show`.Its next on on Thursday, BBC3 at 11p.m. If you live in the U.K. watch it.
I have adventure. Right now I have more expeditions brewing than I could possibly go on.I am skint after paying for the flights for India to search for the Mande-Burung,but I can always save again.
So , you see I don't need football. In fact I never want to talk about football ever again!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Malaysian Bigfoot/Dr. Who and the Yeti.

Well, I have just about recovered from today's football match. England are through the qualifying rounds, with a spirited display, so national pride remains undiminished. Whatever happens in the next round, we have not disgraced ourselves. The U.S.A. are also through, so congratulations to them too. We now play our old footballing foes Germany on Sunday.........

With the plans for the India expedition progressing well, I have now begun to look at other cryptids to search for. One cryptid that has interested me for a while, is the Malaysian Bigfoot. Eyewitness reports seem to refer to a large bipedal primate.If it does exist, it seems to point to the existence of a relic Gigantopithicus, but it is far to early in my research to offer any substantive thoughts yet.I have made contact with the excellent Malaysian researcher, Vincent Chow, who is currently correlating the most recent reports on the creature. I will post more about this topic soon.
I read on Cryptomundo today that Dr.Who's Xmas special may well be on the Yeti.Excellent choice!I love the old Patrick Troughton episodes, and I have been hoping they will do something on the Yeti for some time. Personally, I think Matt Smith has done a great job as the new Doctor-a very good mix of intelligent eccentricity, and humour.Stephen Moffat is a superb writer-the Angels episodes were inspired.Looking forward to it. In the meantime, I will be getting ready for the match on Sunday............ .

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Honours even.

I love it and hate it in equal measure.....watching the World Cup is agony,but Engalnd played well.

Honours even .Here's to meeting the U.S.A. again in the final!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

India expedition confirmed./World Cup angst.

The dates for the India expedition have been agreed with my contact in India. I can confirm that we will be flying out at the end of October for approximately three weeks ,in search of evidence of the Mande-Burung. The Garo hills, which will be the main focus of the search, are traditionally one of the wettest places on Earth. Coming from Manchester though, no doubt I will find them more akin to a desert!I find it difficult to believe that anywhere on earth is wetter than Manchester in November.Certainly not my local train station anyway, which ,at 7.15 in the morning, on my way to work, seems to be shrouded in a permanent grey mist at that time of the year. In fact a `Manchester tan` is that orange colour some girls get when they mis-apply fake tan. Streaky legs anyone?
Of course, I am joking. Its a lovely part of the world really, and we do have some of the most beautiful scenery in the world here.....
Oh no, the World Cup is starting. Last time it was on, I was in Mongolia , looking for the Almas in the west of Mongolia. It drove me mad not knowing how England was doing,as I moved through the mountains,as I am a huge fan. When I was at University, I used to go to all the games at the old Wembley stadium.In Mongolia,I enjoyed friendly banter with plenty of nomads about who was going to win, and even watched a match in a huge beer tent in Ulanbataar on the way out to the mountains. Everyone else on earth seems to ant Brazil to win! My Grandad was an International footballer, playing for Wales, but of course they are not in the World Cup-next time maybe.
The first match we are playing is against the U.S.A. Of course we are bound to win.............

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Its not over till the fat Yeti sings..........

The Lab in Denmark may yet be able to pull something out of the hairs we found in Sumatra in September.Like those we sent to Todd, they have found that the D.N.A. within them is badly decomposed. However, they are working on some new techniques which may yet yield some results.I am not building my hopes up, all we can do is wait and see.....
The planning of the Indian expedition is going well. I am just waiting for confirmation from the local team on the ground there, and then I should be able to confirm the dates we are going, at the latest , by the weekend. Then it will be a question of planning all the kit and equipment.
Yesterday, I was a true Brit by the sea. I sat next to Ella, ice cream in hand, and watched the waves gently lapping the beach at Llandudno. Afterwards, we went for Fish and Chips.
`This is the best day of my life,Daddy` said Ella.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Training.

Its hot in the U.K. right now, and it seems to be getting hotter. Whilst I am not a fashion guru by any means, I do have to say a serious no ,to sandals and socks. Gentlemen, if you wear that combo, you will NEVER get laid again......
The animals also seem to be making the most of the temperatures.The tortoise has now become `The Lord Of The Carpet`, as the conditions are more akin to Reptiles, whilst in contrast my two Burmese cats look like they have been stuffed, immobile in the sun.

Outdoors, the hedgehog I have been giving a few treats too, has become bolder,shufling between my feet, as I sat outdoors late on Thursday night.
This all bodes well for the weekend.In true bohemian fashion, I am off to spend a few days sleeping in caves, tracking and obviously chilling.I always have a great time.
I went to an 80S party last night, dressed in all my old Ska gear. How come I know all the tunes? I have no idea, I am far to young for all of that!
In the words of Haircut 100 :
`Where do we go from here? Is it down to the lake I fear....

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Recently, there has been a lot of discussion amongst those who follow cryptozoology, about whether it is appropriate to receive funding or not. So, I thought I would clarify my own position on the matter.
In terms of donations, I have never got so much as a dime off anyone. With the exception of the films I have made, I ,and the people with me , have financed them in their entirety themselves.Indeed, I never asked for money.In this very materialistic world we live in, I am always surprised by how measurement of achievement is often related to how much money someone has accrued, rather than what they have achieved, or done for others.Indeed, even on the films-I financed my own trip for National Geographic when I went to Mongolia.In terms of the films I made for MonsterQuest, they paid for my trip out, but I never asked or received any money from them.Indeed, Will Yates, the producer on Apeman of Sumatra, did offer me a small fee, but I never collected it. Over the years, I have spent thousands of pounds of my own cash , on the hunt for cryptids.Why? Simply, because I passionately believe some of them exist, and by proving that to science, I hope to enhance the possibility of them STILL existing after I am gone. Cash just never came into it.That was for over ten years.
This however, is not always the best strategy, and I acknowledge this. For example, when I last left the Congo, I literally had the equivalent of a fiver in my back pocket.In a dangerous place, where money talks, I was at serious risk, and to have had extra funding would have been a great relief. On an amusing note ,just before I went on Camera in China, I had to have my old charity shop pants stitched up ( with pink cotton as a joke, by the Producer,Jared).
That said, I do not disapprove of organisations or individuals who raise money for research.Indeed, within my own experience, some of the things I have achieved would not have been possible without funding. I first pitched the China`s Wildman film to Doug at MQ. I could not have afforded to go without the teams funding and expertise.I am very glad he took me up on it!
People often say to me `why don`t you use this type of camera , or this piece of equipment?I am always open to ideas, but normally the answer is , `because I can`t afford it, right now`
The website you are reading is run by Ash from the Parafactor.He does it, as a favour to me,because he is my friend.
I would love to do this full time. Ideally,making films along the way.There is nothing I enjoy,or care about more, apart from my kids.At the moment though, I work full time. I will get Paypal on this site soon, and every single penny raised , will go towards expeditions. I think I have to recognise, that for whatever reason ,not everybody wants to go running through jungles , or climbing mountains, but they DO care, and that can be a way for people to consider that they are part of the story. So, whilst it is completely right to give anxious scrutiny to those you do donate to (its your money after all),please do continue to give, if you can.A lot of good IS being done. I ,for my part, will continue to try my best.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Making Progress.

Well, it seems like we have a difference of opinion on last weeks `important` question. Most Brits and their continental cousins, seems to be voting for the `Balls of a bulldog` , whereas my American friends seem to prefer the Horses mane comb over. I am heartened that in the midst of General Election, people were able to turn their minds to such mindless amusing trivia!

Preparations for India are trundling along nicely, and we are starting to get to grips with the type of equipment we will need.As well as the almost de rigeur camera traps, we are also sourcing some of the most up to date night vision technology.Inevitably, the key determinant will be what we can afford.
Sightings of the Orang-Pendek, encouragingly are continuing , I can report, with the greatest concentrations focusing in some of the very important areas I have researched before.I know its out there,its more a question of whether I can prove it exists....
This afternoon, I have been tracking (not hunting)deer and pheasant with Ella and Olly.The children practised mimicking their calls, and spotting their sign and movement through the countryside. They were impressive.Afterwards ,Ella (who you will remember is five),went up to a Ranger. `Do you know `, she said `I will be both the worlds greatest tracker and mountaineer, when I grow up` she said. Ella never ever lacks confidence!
There is also another very exciting prospect in the pipeline. I will reveal more of that ,when I can, here. Things are looking good though , my friends........

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Seljord Serpent.

I have just been on the phone speaking to veteran monster hunter Jan Sundberg. Jan, with his Gust team, have for many years conducted searches for lake monsters ,most notably in Loch Ness and Norway. A serious illness has laid Jan low for a while now, but I am glad to report that he seems to be regaining his former strength. He remains as colourful as ever, and I have no doubt we will be hearing more from him soon....
Whilst I respect the views of those who do, most people will know that I do not indulge in the paranormal when it comes to my research. I believe the only way forward for the existence of the cryptids that I believe in ,is independent scientific evidence. This is also the only way to truly preserve some species existence, such as the Orang-Pendek.Proof = preservation, is its best chance,simply put. I had not spoken to Jan for years, until he sent me an email via this website. Yet in the month before he did, I had thought about Seljord every day, and even dreamt about it.Very strange.Coincidence or something else? I draw no conclusions; we will see.
The Serpent still remains the only cryptid I have ever seen; a truly remarkable creature.

As you will no doubt have noticed ,I made it to Amsterdam, where I went to celebrate my friend Damian`s birthday. It was there,late on Saturday night, that Damian, no doubt intoxicated from all that `culture`,decided to pose one of life`s greatest questions:
`Adam, `he said`If you had no choice,which would you rather have, the genitalia of a bulldog , or a full horses mane, but you would be bald, and have to wear it as a comb over?`
Well, which one would YOU choose?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New expeditions.

At last we have had some decent sunshine.Spring has exploded, and with it a wonderful carcophony of plants and animals. At the Warburg nature reserve, I saw my first common lizards of the season.Whilst `Up north`, I have seen grest crested newts , and the return of the wonderful sandmartin as I walked along the river Bollin this afternoon.
Another thing that is exploding, is that wretched Volcano in Iceland!
I am supposed to be spending next weekend in Amsterdam, for a friends birthday, but the way things are going, I could be spending a long weekend here instead. If you don`t hear from me by this time next week, I am there , otherwise I will be posting.
I can confirm now that I will definately be going to India to look for the Mande -Burung. However, as the monsoon season fast approaches, I probably will not be able to get there until October or November. That leaves me with needing to plan something to do during summer.
Last week , I was a guest on the excellent `Parafactor` radio show , along with Nick, Cliff and Linda. I had a great time.I think its fair to say that although some differing views were expressed, there was mutual respect demonstrated by all the participants for each others work, and we all got on very well. At the end of the show, Cliff extended to me (and to us all) the offer to go on a Sasquatch hunt with him. I intend to take him up on that, just as soon as I can afford it.
There is also one other exciting development in the pipeline.I will reveal more about it ,on this blog, when I can......

Last night my friend Penny said she was going out with four nurses for the night, and would Anthony and I like to come? `Sure !!! We both said. Turns out they all worked on the rectal unit.
I now know more about the human anus than I could ever possibly have wished to know.
Guys , I still cannot believe where our G spot is supposed to be !That is very , very unfair.......

Friday, April 2, 2010

DNA update /The Parafactor.

I had an email exchange yesterday ,with Todd Disotell, the scientist who has been conducting the analysis on the hair samples gathered on my most recent expedition to Sumatra.Despite three attempts, Todd and his team have ben unable to extract any DNA from the samples. Todd has theorised that the heat and humidity may well caused a degradation. Whatever the reason, its deeply frustrating. As many of you will know, I have spent thousands of pounds of my own money striving to prove the existence of the Orang-Pendek. Why? Simply because having been there on many occasions, I know the OP exists, and I also know , that time is running out for it. I believe the only chance it has to confirm its existence to science. There is still some hope .The lab in Copenhagen is also conducting tests ,and there is still a small chance we could yet pull something out of the bag. Don`t hold your breath ,though. I will have to go back. Not yet though.

Now for two positives! plans for the expedition to India are going very well. On Friday, I will be meeting up with some of the possible team to begin making plans. More updates will follow on this.
On Thursday April 8th, I will be joining a cryptid roundtable along with Linda Godfrey, Clif Barrackman and Nick Redfern. Its a great idea from my good friends from The Parafactor.The show will be on at EST For me, that is 3a.m. in the morning!So, mail them with any questions to keep me on my toes!
Time for some good fortune now, ladies and gentlemen.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New expeditions planned!

This week, as I am sure many of you have heard, brought the exciting news that a new species of hominid has been discovered in Siberia. Whilst it did not come as a surprise to me, I am delighted that scientific verifcation brings us ever closer to the time when scientists will announce that they have found a living species of hominid in some remote part of the globe. To that end , I am redoubling my efforts to seek them and prove their existence to science, myself. Recently, I can reveal that I have been considering expeditions in search of the Almas in Siberia, the Mande Burung in India, and Sasquatch. I have also been doing some research on the feasibility of mounting expeditions in search of Chinese Lake Monsters. As ever, it is always the case of time versus money as I am self financed, and have to work for a living as well! The good news is that I am ready to push ahead with the Indian expedition no matter what. I have an excellent contact on the ground ,and research is in full flow now.I will be going there at some point this year. I would like to do another one as well, but we will see.
I am going down to discuss this at Dave Archers house in two weeks time. Expect more posts on the matter!If anything, the now confirmed cancellation of MonsterQuest has made me redouble my efforts. Though I note from Cryptomundo that more cryptozoological series are being planned.Lets hope they get the mixture of quality and entertainment right.I think MonsterQuest did this, and I enjoyed the show. I hope the new pending series do the same, and actually hire some people with a passion for the subject not just some cheesy git presenters. Yeah ,I know I am jealous cause I want to do it full time!!!!
I had a great time in Brussels, though it was work rather than pleasure that led me there. Belgium, is of course , the home of Tintin. One of his most famous adventures, is Tintin in Tibet, which involves an encounter with a Yeti, so there was at least one relevant cryptozooalogical connection whilst I was there!
As well as being the home for numerous European Institutions, one of the other things Belgium is famous for is its beer. Interestingly, some of the best seems to be brewed by Trappist monks.Beware though, at 9% , it can be very strong indeed,so moderation is called for. It is excellent however. Good enough to keep me locked up in a monastery? No, not ever!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The end of MonsterQuest & Ellas further adventures.

A few days ago , I was very sorry to hear that MonsterQuest may be coming to an end. I consider it to be a very good series on cryptozoology. Importantly, it has sought to analyse evidence in an open minded and balanced way. I had a blast making the episodes on the Orang-Pendek, the Yeren and the Yeti! While it has had a great run, there are still so many more cryptids it could cover. If you like the series , and want it to stay, please make your feelings known to the History Channel.

Please be careful about what you are eating. Jungle keeps being ripped down for Palm Oil plantations. For what? So your chocolate bar can stay on the shelf a bit longer.Once its gone , its gone forever. Sure, land can flourish again, but there is simply no way of recreating pristine virgin rainforest, and the ecosystems within it. It simply isn`t good enough to not care.Personally speaking, I do not want to be judged by future historians as being part of the generation that allowed such beautiful, wonderful creations to be destroyed.
I am off to Brussels tomorrow.Before I go though, I have been looking after my five year old daughter Ella again today. As her adventures seem to be one of the most popular features on this website, I thought I should tell you about how she managed to disgrace us both again.
My job was to take Ella to a party. The house where it was held was in a very genteel and posh part of a suburb called Bramhall, near where I live. Especially for the occasion, Ella had worn a cute little party dress, in peach, with a little peach bow in her hair.
The driveway to the house where the party was held , was a long gravel affair. Bordered by fountains on either side, it looked like Manchesters answer to Versailles.I knocked on the door, and it was opened by an immaculately dressed woman. `Oh , Gabriella darling, she said `sooo good you could come darling`.... .`Bye Ella`,I said to my child`s rapidly diminishing back. `Whatever, Daddy ` Said Ella.
Two hours later, I returned to pick her up. `Oh, do come in ,darling ` said the woman, the childrens entertainer is just finishing a last game of charades with the children` No problem ` I said. I was the only guy there, but that didn`t seem to matter, as I got a few nods and smiles from the mothers I recognised.
In the middle of the room ,a child was hopping. `What is it, children?` said the entertainer. `A kangaroo!` shouted a little girl with red hair at the front. `Yes, well done Felicity,said the entertainer, you can have a prize!`
`Now , we have time for just one more go; who wants to volunteer?` ` Me, meeee!` Said Ella.

Ella strode into the middle of the room. She then went down on the floor, putting her hands above her head, and began wiggling across the carpet. `What is the animal, children?` said the entertainer. `A snake` said one. `No ` , said Ella. `A an earthworm` said another `No` said Ella.
A few more frustrated guesses ensued. `We don`t know what it is, Gabriella, can you tell us?`Said the entertainer, sweetly.
`Its one of those big long white worms that comes out of your BUM! ` Said Ella.
At that point I heard someone groaning very loud inside my head. Everyone seemed to be stunned . I wanted to find a corner to curl up in, but there was none.I was bathed in the harsh light of the mothers judgment.
The groaning didn`t seem to stop, as I walked down that long, long gravel driveway.
`That was funny` Daddy,`said Ella , as she happily skipped along.
What a great time to leave the country for a few days!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Scoring in your Seventies.......

I have decided that I want to nail down where I plan to go on my next expedition by the end of April. In truth, I am a little bored, and I need something to look forward too!
This week, I decided to do a long hike across the Moors and on to some local Peaks. As well as the obvious fitness benefits, the objective was also to try out the efectiveness of some of the new kit I had bought, on picking up and tracking large animals, such as deer. Clearly, if the gear works well on them, it should be able to pick out the movement of cryptids too, particularly hominids. My father had also asked to come with me. Although he is pushing 70, he is still very fit. He is also still a really good swimcoach. He trained me to be Manchester champion as a child, and is currently training someone to swim a marathon for charity.The plan was that he would leave me just before the snowline.I would make the final ascent then, and would pick him back up on my descent.
We arrived in the carpark at the start of our mini adventure , and I began to prep and check the kit. Just across from us, two women , in their mid thirties, had just returned to their car, and were preparing to leave.
`Hmm, ` said my Dad.`Check out the two ladies over there`, one of them is really rather nice`, he said. `Yes, right Dad`, I said, not really looking up .`Back in a couple of minutes`, he said, before heading off in their general direction. I was preoccupied , and thought nothing of it. I was still waiting for him ten minutes later, when he eventually strolled back over to me, with a piece of paper in his hand.
`Finally ready now` ? I said. `Lets go`! He declared, and we began walking along the country road that would lead us to the start of our hike.As we were about to turn off, a white car slowed down beside us.It contained the two women. `Bye bye Ken, hope to see you SOOON shouted one, blowing him a kiss`. He waved back ,and they drove off. I was openmouthed, standing in the road. `Did you just score a date?? ` I said, momentarily unable to comprehend what I was witnessing.
My father turned to me, and replied in a deadly serious voice `the difference between you and me son, is that I have both charisma, and an excellent physique`. Then like some `Sage of the score`, he moved off, and began a somewhat smug climb to the top.
Its come to something ,I thought ,when I am getting pulling advice from my old Dad !!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting itchy feet

This weekend, I have taken the opportunity to go away to do a couple of long distance runs ( 2 hrs each) to boost my fitness. The weather has been all glorious sunshine. Yesterday, I ran by a gently meandering river.I did not see another soul for miles. With the Prodigy on full blast (`Breathe `is awesome running song),and the ground carpeted by snowdrops, it was an exhilarating experience.
That said, though , I am now getting itchy feet. This has nothing to do with the runing, I hasten to add!
Last night , I met up with Anthony at the pub, and this formed one of the topics of discussion.
`I feel like I need to get going off somewhere soon, I miss the Jungles and Mountains. I am seriously bored by the daily grind` I said. `I understand, mate .` I know you need to organise a new expedition, but you have to be realistic. You told me yourself that you never go into debt for these things, so you will just have to save and wait, like you planned, unless you get that `lucky break` you have been dreaming of....`
`Anyway, ` he said ,`enough of that ` I want to ask you a question`. `Go on, ` I said. `Why is it that no woman has ever lived with me for more than a year?` `What?` I said laughing `No I am serious`. He said . They all seem to go before then`. As he listed his exes, I realised he was right.
I thought hard. `Well, when I lived at your place, you used to make those `sock nests`.They might be a factor.` He laughed..`But I like taking off my socks when I`m watching T.V! He exclaimed.`Maybe , but little piles of socks around the sofa , combined with black and white documentaries on `Tanks of the Second World War`, are not going to do it for most ladies`,I said.
`It should though really`, sighed Anthony. `I guess I will never truly understand women`.
`The nests are staying though.For they are what maketh the man!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


On Friday ,I went out for a few beers with two good friends Keith and Anthony.Keith is a veteran of some of my previous expeditions, whilst Anthony regularly enjoys trekking with me in the Peak District, and has attended survival training courses with me in the Brecon Beacons. Whilst I do not expect either of them to be accompanying me on any of my next expeditions, it is always useful to have considered opinions on potential routes to traverse , and equipment to bring.In this case ,we were discussing an area of the Indian-Bangladeshi Border that I am considering travelling to this year, on the lookout for the Mande -Burung, or Indian Yeti.

After we had discussed options and routes, and mooted some of the other potential ideas for expeditions ,our minds turned to other more frivolous matters, and we hit a Club. After several beers, and I cannot recall how,we started talking about which was the worst chocolate in the selection box. `For me, `I said, it has to be Coffee cream. The mixture of a sweet yet ultimately bitter taste, is always a dissapointment`. `Nah, said Keith, you guys have got it all wrong, Nougar has to be the worst. `No no no , said Anthony,displaying a passion only someone who has had a little to much to drink can have for these matters. `Cracknell is definately the worst!!`
`What is Cracknell?`I said `You Know -you bite into what looks like this lovely long chocolate, and just under the surface is this nasty toffee filled with sharp bits of rotten peanut.Together, they form an evil combination, that sticks to the back of your teeth. Thus, you hate the stuff, and yet it LINGERS for ages` Don`t just take my word for it, hey you guys`, you must hate Cracknell too`,he said and began to regale a couple at the bar about it.
`Leave confectionary boy to it,` I said, and Keith and I went and ordered a couple more drinks.
By now it was 2 a.m. A work colleague of Keith`s recognised him and came over. He was about 20. `Wow I have seen you guys around quite a bit recently, and you party hard, he said.`thanks`,said Keith. `Yeah, ` he went on, I hope I can party like that when I get to your age`,He added ,before scooting off to join his mates. `Cheeky bastard!`, said Keith , slugging back his Jack.
At that point, a girl came over to me.Tall , with long blonde hair and blue eyes, she could only be described as a genuine beauty. `Would you like to dance?` She said through a smile. `Sure`, I said smiling back , `lets go.`
We hit the dance floor .The girl moved like liquid , writhing and gyrating across the dancefloor.
Suddenly, as the record stopped, so did she .`Thanks , that was great, but I have to go now, she said ,fluttering her eyes, and she turned towards the door.
Then, I felt another arm around my shoulder. However this time, it was one of consolation.It was Anthony.
`Cracknell` , he said shaking his head.
`Yeah, man Cracknell` I replied, as we both watched her go...

Paypal should be up and running soon.I will let you know when.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hanging By A Thread..........

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to Mr.Thomas E Finley, who very kindly sent me some excellent Sasquatch art this week. I would definately like to turn my attention to some serious personal field research on Sasquatch. Whilst I was filming `China`s Wildman` for Monsterquest, I spent a lot of time talking to Dr.Jeff Meldrum about the subject.I made a vow then to go on the hunt for Sasquatch one day. I have no firm plans yet, but I am optimistic that the opportunity will present itself.
Dave Archer is always on the look out for kit, and on Saturday, he phoned me to say that he had secured some excellent new camo gear for us. Being self funded , kit is a serious and expensive business . For example, the jacket I bought for the Himalayas last year, which I really needed, cost me about 400 bucks.
I suppose my resolution has been hardened by the news this week that scientists reckon that half the worlds primate species now face extinction. On the same day, my guides in Indonesia, reported a fresh sighting of the Orang-Pendek in Sumatra. One of the values I tried to impart in my book ,was that time is running out for some of these cryptids. For some , such as the Mongolian Almas, I cam to the conclusion that they were already past the point of saving, and woud surely slide to extinction.Some, however, may just be hanging on. In my experience ,`leaving them alone` just isnt an option. Verifiable scientific proof , combined then with organised human conservation, are their only hope,no matter how hopless it seems. Looking at these latest results on primates, I will admit that that the situation seems desperate.However, I , will have to continue trying, because I believe so passionately in their existence.
I was pondering this melancholic news , when my five year old daughter Ella , brought me back to Earth, as she so often does. I have been looking after her today, and we went to buy some `supplies` of our own at the local Supermarket. As ever, there was an odious queue . Like all Brits, I bore it stoically, and joined it, engaging in some gentle banter with others in the line about the wait. Two minutes before we got to the end of the line Ella said in a loud voice, ` Daddy I want a poo!"
`Just wait two minutes darling,` I said. `The toilets are only just at the end of the Supermarket , and we are nearly at the front now`, I muttered this a little nervously, for I know that Ella will argue to get her own way.This time however, Ella said nothing,but looked at me with reproachful eyes. Shortly afterwards, we arrived at the front .As I went to pay ,Ella picked her moment `I really wanted a poo, she said to the woman on the till, `but Daddy wouldn`t take me so I had to SUCK it back in!` I smiled weakly at the woman on the till. She stared sternly back. I packed my things quickly and left, left to the chuckles of the queue behind me, feeling like the worlds worst parent.
`That will teach YOU Daddy , ` said Ella, as she broke into some sweets.
I lead expeditions all over the world. I am often responssible for the lives of others. Yet I find myself convincingly out foxed by my daughter.............

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Toilet Tigers.

This week I had the first opportunity to download and listen to the excellent interview Tim Binnal did with me .I really enjoyed it, and Tim and I get on very well together.
I am back in my old job now so, with less travelling I will be able to knuckle down to more training.I am clearly very committed !I went to the gym this morning. Nothing unusual in that ,I hear you cry. No,except last night I was on the lash with my old friend Andy Sanderson, a veteran of many of my expeditions a few years back. Andy is in the Royal Navy, so because he has been away on his ship, this is the first time we have had to meet up together in over six months. A pub in Didsbury (Manchester U.K.) we know serves some excellent scrumpy, and we ended up there.
Over a few jars, I explained to him what had happened on my recent expedition to Sumatra, and how both Dave and Sahar had had a sighting of the Orang-Pendek. I also reminded him of his own `close encounter` with another of the Sumatran Jungles rare animals, the Tiger.
We had been in the Jungle for three weeks, primarily eating the local bitter tasting fish. Which are curried. For breakfast , lunch and dinner. Not surprisingly, we both had bad guts. In the middle of the night, Andy shakes me `Ad ,Ad, I need to go for a crap` he says. There was no surpressing the urge, given our diets! `Okay ,I said, `I will shine a light in the direction of the bog` Our toilet, a hole in the ground, was located about 150 yards from camp, through some rattan bushes . Andy gets to the other side, drops his trousers and `begins` .At that point, he hears an almighty `ROAAAR` behind him . Crapping himself in more ways than one, he rushes back to me .He was obviously very alarmed by the time he got back. `I thought I was a goner there ,Ad ` He said.
`Yeah` I said , `but it would have been worse for me.I would have had to tell your Mum how you died!!
After we finished laughing about this ,Andy said `I bet you are going to put this story on your damn website tomorrow` . Yes I did Andy .But take heart, at last I didnt put what we did for the REST of the night up!!

P.S. You cheeky devils at the Natwest Bank. I know you adore me, its simply no good disguising my valentines card as a bank statement...........

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Red Deer.

I am narrowing it down people. Last weekend I went for a long hike in the Peak District to chew over where I want to go next, and took some time out to watch a herd of red deer feeding.
One of the key factors is obviously cash, so I am grateful for the comment given about setting up a PayPal account. I will look into doing this over the next few weeks.
Today , more than ever I am itching to go again. I have a definate vibe that good news is on the way soon......

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where to next?

Well, I am back to my old job as of Monday. To sweeten my return , I have decided to begin planning my next adventures this weekend. I have some very exciting prospects ahead, we will have to see what comes to fruition. Rest assured though, I will be going on another adventure just as soon as I can. As ever, its always a case of money and time. What could I achieve if I did this for a living?
At the moment that is only a dream. In the meantime , back to planning how to get round the jungle for a month with twenty pounds in your pocket!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Non -native creatures./Testing update.

I spent the weekend in London, having a great time, as is always the case when I visit my friends `down south`.
On Saturday morning, a little groggy from the Friday night, standing in the backgarden, I was surprised to see two green parakeets squawking in some trees in the garden next door!
I had heard that parrots had escaped and bred in the the U.K, but I had never before seen them in the `wild`. I was speaking to Michelle , who is a local resident about this later, and she said that they were very common in her area of London(Osterley) and in Twickenham as well. I think it had me bemused all the more at the time, as I had seen a very similar one almost exactly a year to the day, fly over the rooftop of my Hotel in Kathmandu when I first arrived there. I have never seen any in Manchester!
After escaping captivity,(reputedly in the 1970`s), roughly 100,000 of these birds are estimated to be living in the U.K., mainly in the South East of England.
In the same tree, another non -indigenous species, the grey squirrel, was scurrying about its business.
As many of you are aware, there was much speculation about whether the sightings of Alien Big Cats in the U.K. were initially as a result of people releasing their pets after the introduction of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act in 1976. Species such as the Lynx for example, which were indigenous to these shores( until we hunted them out of existence),would have no problem adapting to our countryside.
I wish all ABC researchers the best of luck with their quests.I am with you.

As an update, I was in touch with Todd again at the back end of last week. He expects the DNA testing on the hairs brought back from Sumatra, to be completed in the next two weeks.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sexy Snowmen.

Over the last few weeks, going to work has proved to be an arduous business. A mile or so down the road from me , the lowest temperature in England was recorded at minus 18! I am now wearing the gear I bought for the Himalayas to walk to the local park!
Public transport has obviously been badly affected, with many trains cancelled. Indeed ,last week I witnessed the bizarre site of men wearing the now de rigeur commuter uniform of suits and wellies ,fighting to squeeze themselves on my very overcrowded train the other day. The Guard had to go outside, and wave the angry mitten chewing , wolly hat brigade, away.
Meanwhile , the bored ,or just those who can`t get to work, have begun to craft increasing numbers of unusual snowmen. I saw one in a bikini the other day , which I found strangely attractive.
I hope the snow melts soon........