Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Training.

Its hot in the U.K. right now, and it seems to be getting hotter. Whilst I am not a fashion guru by any means, I do have to say a serious no ,to sandals and socks. Gentlemen, if you wear that combo, you will NEVER get laid again......
The animals also seem to be making the most of the temperatures.The tortoise has now become `The Lord Of The Carpet`, as the conditions are more akin to Reptiles, whilst in contrast my two Burmese cats look like they have been stuffed, immobile in the sun.

Outdoors, the hedgehog I have been giving a few treats too, has become bolder,shufling between my feet, as I sat outdoors late on Thursday night.
This all bodes well for the weekend.In true bohemian fashion, I am off to spend a few days sleeping in caves, tracking and obviously chilling.I always have a great time.
I went to an 80S party last night, dressed in all my old Ska gear. How come I know all the tunes? I have no idea, I am far to young for all of that!
In the words of Haircut 100 :
`Where do we go from here? Is it down to the lake I fear....

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Recently, there has been a lot of discussion amongst those who follow cryptozoology, about whether it is appropriate to receive funding or not. So, I thought I would clarify my own position on the matter.
In terms of donations, I have never got so much as a dime off anyone. With the exception of the films I have made, I ,and the people with me , have financed them in their entirety themselves.Indeed, I never asked for money.In this very materialistic world we live in, I am always surprised by how measurement of achievement is often related to how much money someone has accrued, rather than what they have achieved, or done for others.Indeed, even on the films-I financed my own trip for National Geographic when I went to Mongolia.In terms of the films I made for MonsterQuest, they paid for my trip out, but I never asked or received any money from them.Indeed, Will Yates, the producer on Apeman of Sumatra, did offer me a small fee, but I never collected it. Over the years, I have spent thousands of pounds of my own cash , on the hunt for cryptids.Why? Simply, because I passionately believe some of them exist, and by proving that to science, I hope to enhance the possibility of them STILL existing after I am gone. Cash just never came into it.That was for over ten years.
This however, is not always the best strategy, and I acknowledge this. For example, when I last left the Congo, I literally had the equivalent of a fiver in my back pocket.In a dangerous place, where money talks, I was at serious risk, and to have had extra funding would have been a great relief. On an amusing note ,just before I went on Camera in China, I had to have my old charity shop pants stitched up ( with pink cotton as a joke, by the Producer,Jared).
That said, I do not disapprove of organisations or individuals who raise money for research.Indeed, within my own experience, some of the things I have achieved would not have been possible without funding. I first pitched the China`s Wildman film to Doug at MQ. I could not have afforded to go without the teams funding and expertise.I am very glad he took me up on it!
People often say to me `why don`t you use this type of camera , or this piece of equipment?I am always open to ideas, but normally the answer is , `because I can`t afford it, right now`
The website you are reading is run by Ash from the Parafactor.He does it, as a favour to me,because he is my friend.
I would love to do this full time. Ideally,making films along the way.There is nothing I enjoy,or care about more, apart from my kids.At the moment though, I work full time. I will get Paypal on this site soon, and every single penny raised , will go towards expeditions. I think I have to recognise, that for whatever reason ,not everybody wants to go running through jungles , or climbing mountains, but they DO care, and that can be a way for people to consider that they are part of the story. So, whilst it is completely right to give anxious scrutiny to those you do donate to (its your money after all),please do continue to give, if you can.A lot of good IS being done. I ,for my part, will continue to try my best.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Making Progress.

Well, it seems like we have a difference of opinion on last weeks `important` question. Most Brits and their continental cousins, seems to be voting for the `Balls of a bulldog` , whereas my American friends seem to prefer the Horses mane comb over. I am heartened that in the midst of General Election, people were able to turn their minds to such mindless amusing trivia!

Preparations for India are trundling along nicely, and we are starting to get to grips with the type of equipment we will need.As well as the almost de rigeur camera traps, we are also sourcing some of the most up to date night vision technology.Inevitably, the key determinant will be what we can afford.
Sightings of the Orang-Pendek, encouragingly are continuing , I can report, with the greatest concentrations focusing in some of the very important areas I have researched before.I know its out there,its more a question of whether I can prove it exists....
This afternoon, I have been tracking (not hunting)deer and pheasant with Ella and Olly.The children practised mimicking their calls, and spotting their sign and movement through the countryside. They were impressive.Afterwards ,Ella (who you will remember is five),went up to a Ranger. `Do you know `, she said `I will be both the worlds greatest tracker and mountaineer, when I grow up` she said. Ella never ever lacks confidence!
There is also another very exciting prospect in the pipeline. I will reveal more of that ,when I can, here. Things are looking good though , my friends........

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Seljord Serpent.

I have just been on the phone speaking to veteran monster hunter Jan Sundberg. Jan, with his Gust team, have for many years conducted searches for lake monsters ,most notably in Loch Ness and Norway. A serious illness has laid Jan low for a while now, but I am glad to report that he seems to be regaining his former strength. He remains as colourful as ever, and I have no doubt we will be hearing more from him soon....
Whilst I respect the views of those who do, most people will know that I do not indulge in the paranormal when it comes to my research. I believe the only way forward for the existence of the cryptids that I believe in ,is independent scientific evidence. This is also the only way to truly preserve some species existence, such as the Orang-Pendek.Proof = preservation, is its best chance,simply put. I had not spoken to Jan for years, until he sent me an email via this website. Yet in the month before he did, I had thought about Seljord every day, and even dreamt about it.Very strange.Coincidence or something else? I draw no conclusions; we will see.
The Serpent still remains the only cryptid I have ever seen; a truly remarkable creature.

As you will no doubt have noticed ,I made it to Amsterdam, where I went to celebrate my friend Damian`s birthday. It was there,late on Saturday night, that Damian, no doubt intoxicated from all that `culture`,decided to pose one of life`s greatest questions:
`Adam, `he said`If you had no choice,which would you rather have, the genitalia of a bulldog , or a full horses mane, but you would be bald, and have to wear it as a comb over?`
Well, which one would YOU choose?