Sunday, February 14, 2010

Toilet Tigers.

This week I had the first opportunity to download and listen to the excellent interview Tim Binnal did with me .I really enjoyed it, and Tim and I get on very well together.
I am back in my old job now so, with less travelling I will be able to knuckle down to more training.I am clearly very committed !I went to the gym this morning. Nothing unusual in that ,I hear you cry. No,except last night I was on the lash with my old friend Andy Sanderson, a veteran of many of my expeditions a few years back. Andy is in the Royal Navy, so because he has been away on his ship, this is the first time we have had to meet up together in over six months. A pub in Didsbury (Manchester U.K.) we know serves some excellent scrumpy, and we ended up there.
Over a few jars, I explained to him what had happened on my recent expedition to Sumatra, and how both Dave and Sahar had had a sighting of the Orang-Pendek. I also reminded him of his own `close encounter` with another of the Sumatran Jungles rare animals, the Tiger.
We had been in the Jungle for three weeks, primarily eating the local bitter tasting fish. Which are curried. For breakfast , lunch and dinner. Not surprisingly, we both had bad guts. In the middle of the night, Andy shakes me `Ad ,Ad, I need to go for a crap` he says. There was no surpressing the urge, given our diets! `Okay ,I said, `I will shine a light in the direction of the bog` Our toilet, a hole in the ground, was located about 150 yards from camp, through some rattan bushes . Andy gets to the other side, drops his trousers and `begins` .At that point, he hears an almighty `ROAAAR` behind him . Crapping himself in more ways than one, he rushes back to me .He was obviously very alarmed by the time he got back. `I thought I was a goner there ,Ad ` He said.
`Yeah` I said , `but it would have been worse for me.I would have had to tell your Mum how you died!!
After we finished laughing about this ,Andy said `I bet you are going to put this story on your damn website tomorrow` . Yes I did Andy .But take heart, at last I didnt put what we did for the REST of the night up!!

P.S. You cheeky devils at the Natwest Bank. I know you adore me, its simply no good disguising my valentines card as a bank statement...........

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