Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is the Orang-Pendek?

The scientific validation of the existence of the OP is obviously great news. On a personal point , I have been to Sumatra five times, and spent thousands of pounds of my own money on these expeditions.Each time I went ,I learnt more about the creatures movements, and refined my own techniques. I am delighted that I led such a great team, with such fabulous results.
For me ,the story now moves on to what the OP actually is. Right now I am inclined to go very much with the view that it is a variant of the Orang-Utang species which has evolved to walk bipedally, in other words ,to walk like us. The research is of course,ongoing, so we shall see.

Last week ,I took my daughter on her first roller coaster ride. We had just got on it, when some ` entertainer `jumped out and started hitting people on the head with a pretend plastic club ,grunting BOOM BOOM , as he did so. Ducking to avoid the idiot's club, my head conncted with the safety bar, resulting in a huge blackeye. The name of the ride ? King Kong!!! I have had some serious mickey taking as a result,I can tell you-no irony there, eh!

All I can say is that you may have won that round,Kong, but I won the war..................

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