Wednesday, October 13, 2010

India-The Countdown Begins......

This weekend , as a preparation for the India Expedition, I climbed Snowdon.Llanberis, the village which nestles in the valley below, is simply gorgeous.The place has an undoubted Alpine feel about it.The ascent was shrouded in mist,but one I got to the top, I could see for miles;miles of rolling green Welsh hills and valleys,peppered with twinkling clear blue Lakes.At night, in the Hotel bar, I joined some of the other people who had reached the summit that day, and witnessed some amazing crab like walks, as they wearily negotiated the now preposterous stairs!
We haven't got long now people, and the plans are laid,the equipment is bought ,the deal is on.I can hear the Mande-Burung calling me in my dreams now;lets hope these dreams turn to reality in a few weeks time!

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