Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yes folks, I finally joined face book.I have enjoyed playing with it over the last couple of weeks.After all, it can't get me into anymore trouble than sending texts after a night down the pub:)
Now that spring is upon us ,I am going to start upping my running, and finally give up smoking.Yeah its those patches for me!
I am starting to work out some of the objectives for how we operate the expedition in Sumatra,and after I share and discuss it with the team, I will post more on it here .What I can say now though, is that I intend to operate the teams,for the first time ever, from up to three locations,and the array of equipment we are now able to bring looks very exciting indeed!

I am looking forward to the Easter Break.At Easter in the U.K., we seem to have developed a tradition that we must, by law, gorge ourselves on chocolate at Easter.Quite what that has to do with Christ's death and resurrection,I have no idea...I read once that its some sort of Pagan crossover to do with fertility though?
Anyway, however you are spending it, and wethere you are fertile or not,I wish all readers of this blog a really great Easter.....

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