Saturday, November 20, 2010

I`m back from India.

I just arrived home a few hours ago. As you no doubt appreciate ,I am a tired tonight , but I had an amazing time,and felt that I ,and the rest of the team ,met with some great success.I will post more detail about the expedition over the next few weeks , but here are some headlines. I am convinced the Mande-Burung exists. Dave Archer found what appears to be an MB footprint, at a site where an eyewitness confirmed he had seen the creature.He and John McGowan, went on to find a trail of them. I found an MB footprint in Nokrek national Park. What I found particularly interesting about this one, was that you could see a boulder in the stream which had been tossed aside , followed by some debris of a freshwater crab. The locals had told me on previous occasions that the MB was fond of eating these particular types of crab.Whilst I can't be certain it was an MB print, the size and shape were certainly consistent with eyewitness reports.The casting at site failed due to the very wet conditions. We collected a number of very consistent eyewitness reports, which described a large black bipdeal ape, which built ground nests and ate bamboo. Nothing on the camera traps so far, but we haven't finished going through them all yet. We have collected hair and bone samples which just MAY come from the MB, but of course we need to test them.
Quite by chance , and very significantly indeed, John McGowan may well have discovered a completley new species .I can't say anything more about this though, until he has conducted a thorough analysis.
The area has some amazing , vast, and largely untraversed, jungle.Beautiful.The perfect place for a relic gigantopithicus.....

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