Thursday, November 25, 2010

Orang-Pendek:Final Results.

Well, Lars has finished his analysis on the hairs we brought back from Sumatra last year.In summary ,he concludes that whilst the structure of the hairs point to a creature resembling an Orang-Utang, the D.N.A. more closely relates to a human. He states that he is `foreced to conclude that their is an unkown species of primate` in Sumatra.
Now , whilst this doesn't ,and cannot at this stage, say exactly what the creature is, it does state that the creature,unique in nature, DOES exist. This is a major step, and of great significance.
As many reading this will know,I have previously found evidence of the OP before .For example, cats of prints I found in 2001 were analysed by primatologists as being from an unkown species.Simlarly, hair samples found on the same expedition ,led Dr.Hans Brunner to conclude that there was an unknown species in Sumatra ,in the same manner as Lars.
So, the evidence is gathering.The moe science the better.This is a great result!

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