Sunday, December 19, 2010

Expedition news and film footage.

Well, the analysis of the India expedition field research has begun,and here's hoping for some great results. There seems to be a very good chance for example, that John McGowan will have discovered a new species of deer.Unlike John, I am no expert on deer species ,but I could easily see that the antlers we took D.N.A from at Mr. Llewellyn Marak's house, were significantly larger than a Munjac.This would of course , be a find of huge significance ,and I really hope it bears fruit. Of course ,there are other samples of hair and bone which we gathered,including hair that just could be from the Mande-Burung,but I think the horns are our best bet.
That takes nothing away from the existence of the Mande-Burung .I firmly believe in its existence, and in my last post I speculated as to what it was.If you would like to see some of the footage I shot on the expedition,please take a look at John Carlson's Paranomalist blog.It gives you a litle taster of what it was like on expedition.
I am pleased to say that I am doing an interview with Tim Binnall on Tuesday night.I will let you know when its available for upload. I always have a good time doing Tim's show!
In my dayjob, it was Office Party week, and I have to say I really enjoyed mine.What a merry go round.....Last night I went out with my old friend Andy Sanderson, and had a talk about a few of our past adventures.Where shall I go next?

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