Sunday, June 5, 2011

Getting there!

I feel like we are making some really good progress with the expedition to Sumatra. We have ordered and paid for a lot of the equipment we will need , and Andy has done a good job working the finances out.
Importantly, Sahar will now begin to start traversing the area, and looking for recent activity of the creature, in the area where we will be operating.I am hoping of course, for some recent Orang-Pendek sightings or prints..

The Discovery Channel film has gone down really well, and proved very popular, so I am very pleased.Although Olly did say that he thought "his bum looked big" :).I have posted the film on my Facebook site, for anyone who wants to see it.

I will be travelling a lot in the next few weeks.I am in London next week, which I am really looking forward to.
Of course, I will keep you updated if I get any exciting news.........

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