Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am Back !

I am back in the U.K. A few scars, but nothing that won`t heal. I have so much to tell you!
However, possibly the greatest highlight is that two team members, Dave Archer, and Sahar Didmus saw the Orang-Pendek. I took the team to an area where I have found prints before. As we were approaching that location, I heard the movement of a large animal, and ordered the team to stop. As Dave and Sahar peeled off to move slightly ahead, both of them caught sight of the OP. Dave reported that it had attempted to hide, pinning its face against a tree. Subsequently, it then moved with a bipedal motion , on two legs, through the jungle. Dave reported that the creature most closely resembled a chimpanzee .Of course though, there are no chimpanzees in Indonesia, and none that walk on two legs!!
We found several trails, including some with great footprints.Probably most importanly of all , we also found chewed rattan and hair samples in tow locations where we found the trails. This could well be of enormous significance, as if they are from the animal, we will be able to identify its DNA.....

I will of course post furhter updates on the Blog .

To come: How I ended up being kissed by a King, and the perils of dealing with Tigers at night...!

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