Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Testing The Evidence.

I had a look at Cryptomundo last night, and the evidence we found, or certainly the nature of it, seem to be causing a lively debate! Soon I will write up a more detialed account of the expedition and publish it on the blog. What I will do today is stick to the facts on what we actually got , and what I intend to do next in terms of analyising that evidence.

1/ We have got both Rattan that the animal was probably chewing, and hair .

The Rattan + 1 hair was found at the location where Dave Archer and Sahar Didmus saw the Orang-Pendek. This was in a place I specifically choseto go, after finding tracks there on previous occcasions , including the cast of the footprint I found in 2001.

2/ We also have numerous hairs found on a tree . This ran parallell to another Orang-Pendek track I found on the other side of the Lake.

3/ We found two seperate Orang-Pendek trails which I photographed. These were identified by the Forest Rangers as originating from the OP. In terms of size and other specifics etc, they match the print I found in 2001.

4/We have two eyewitnesses, and I also have a sworn affadavit from forest ranger Sahar Didmus as to what he saw. We do not have a photo.

What next? The hair and Rattan will now be subject to scientific analysis by Professor Todd Disotell, from New York University. Whilst I cannot be sure they are from the OP, I can be confident they were gathered in the best possible manner they could be in the field, using sterilised tweezers, with no cross human contamination. They are now stored in ethanol. I will of course, make that information public.

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