Monday, September 7, 2009

I want to see it. I want to see it so badly, I dream about it.

I will now have been to Indonesia five times looking for evidence of the Orang –Pendek, the Sumatran Yeti. Importantly, I have found real scientific evidence of its existence . For example , the hair I found in 2001 was identified as being from an unknown primate, by the gentleman who analysed the hair in the famous Dingo baby case; while a primatologist at Cambridge reached the same conclusion over the prints.(see my book Extreme expeditions : Travel Adventures Stalking The World’s Mystery Animals –for more details). Any evidence I do /will find will always be open to independent scientific scrutiny. Otherwise it counts for nothing.

I have spent thousands of pounds of my own money looking for the Orang- Pendek . I have interviewed reams of witnesses, and travelled hundreds of miles through jungle. I have been been sucked by too many leeches to count, and on one memorable occasion realised I had bacillary dysentery, whilst I was on top of a mountain….


The Lake where we are going on the second part of the expedition, Tujuh is an exceptionally beautiful place. A volcano crater which is shrouded by Primal Jungle. As you approach the camp by canoe, Gibbons warn others of your approach. Beyond that , bears. golden cats and Tigers really do roam only a few yards into that forest. In the diversity of its life, there is nowhere like it on earth.

I know the Orang-Pendek exists. I have travelled with several others in search of it, and I can say that the team we have- Dally and Sahar (Indonesia) and myself Chris Richard and Dave are a strong dedicated team. For the first half of the expedition, we will be staying with the Kubu, and I hope to learn about their oral traditions and legends , as well as utilising their services in the quest………

The Palm Oil plantations are upon us . The work we are doing is for good, so wish us luck!

Let me see it………..

Adam Davies.

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