Friday, November 6, 2009

Fireworks Night.

For those of you that don`t know, its a tradition in the U.K. that on November 5th we set off fireworks .It all goes back to when Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up Parliament , during the reign of James the first.
Anyway, November is not normally the best of months weatherwise.Last night however ,the sky was lit up and rockets exploded merrily above my house. One bizarre thing though- a few streets down this guy was using a chainsaw.He had some sort of firework party going on ,and as he and his buddies set off the fireworks, he timed the whirring of the chainsaw to coincide with the bangs! What was that all about ? Were Leatherface and his cronies having some sort of reunion?..............
This weekend I am off to see Dave Archer and his girlfriend down in Marlow .Marlow is a lovely little town ,perched on the edge of the Costwalds. Keiith Townley is also coming with me. As we are all veterans of Sumatra , we will no doubt be talking about recent events. Plus, last time we were there we had a really wild time, so bring on Saturday night!

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  1. Great stuff Adam mate. Listened to your hilarious and thought provoking interview on Tom Binnals radio show and wanted to say hi, and keep up the great work . Fascinating stuff !!!
    I just ordered Extreme Expeditions from Amazon too.

    Stay safe out there pal and best of luck for future expeditions.
    How about teaming up with Nick Redfern and going all out, guns blazing to finally find us all a Sasquatch, Orang Pendek or a Chupucabra :-)