Monday, October 26, 2009

Its my Birthday!

It was my Birthday on Friday, so I decided to go round some of the pubs in Wilmslow, a town near where I live. It was unseasnobly warm, and we spent most of the night outside, chatting.

Later on, I found a great place for live entertainment/music .I had an excellent night.Thanks to all those who joined me.

On Sunday I got back to my tracking (not hunting). This time in the Peak District National Park.
The Deer were easy to find, and the sight of them running amidst the golds greens and Autumn browns was exhilirating...
On Sunday, a film I featured in for the History Channel MonsterQuest Series- the Abominable Snowman was aired as a two part special. The reaction from friends and colleagues who saw the film was very positive- I am really glad they liked it . I haven`t seen it yet- as I live in the U.K. I have to wait until my DVD comes through the post.

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