Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Danger in the Himalayas.

On Friday, I recieved my copy of Monsterquests ` The Abominable Snowman` show, which I featured in. I really enjoyed it, it was tightly paced and well edited. Looking at myself being interviewed on the mountain, it reminded me of how dangerous it really was . On one particularly perilous traverse, the old adage `one slip and you are dead`, really did hold true- there was nothing but ice ,between you and certain death, thousands of feet below.
During the film ,the guides and I investigate some trails to discover whether they are Yeti prints or not.Whilst we made our roped ascent,I learnt that 3 people had died on the mountain relativley recently, near to the spot where we stood.Two from altitude sickness, and one from an avalanche. Indeed , at the spot where we were filming, there was an avalanche the very next day!!
Luckily, on our exhausted return to base camp, Mr.Yagihara, the lead mountaineering expert, passed round a fish sauasage, (fresh) from Japan, for us all to tuck into..................

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