Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Christmas Lull.

The time between Christmas and New Year in the U.K. is a kind of wierd twilight time, where nothing much seems to happen. I have been at work, but judging by my empty train carriage, very few other people are. In fact ,most people in the U.K. seem to spend this time watching rubbish t.v. or films they have seen before , whilst arguing with overstaying relatives ,or bored kids.
There is also one other important tradition that must be mentioned. That is, the deriding and taking back of rubbish gifts. Maybe its my imagination , but do half the dogs in Manchester smell of cheap aftershave at the moment? What real purpose has Talc to mankind? Do the buyers of talc look at their relatives and think `she /he is a bit tubby , they might get chapped bits, better buy them some talc to sort it out?`
If in doubt ,go for a gift voucher I say. Here is an example why:
Yesterday, one of my friends phoned me to say that his wife was not talking to him because she had `0verreacted` to her Christmas gift.
"What did you buy her ?" I asked.
"A towel, you know, that one you and Damian suggested I get her when we were in the pub last week". H e said.

"Not the one that says `Arse ` on one side and `Face` on the other?" I said.
" Yeah. That one. I though she would find it funny .But she didn`t. Where are we going on New Years Eve , Adam?"

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