Friday, December 11, 2009

Too Many People Spoil The Broth.

On wednesday night, I watched a programme presented by Sir David Attenborough(B.B.C.), which focused on the worlds booming poulation, ,and the huge enviromental impact it causes. I have to say that I agree with the premise of the film-there are simply too many people in the world, and there is going to be billions more before any predicted downturn. What to do about it?I do understand it is a sensitive subject, which encompasses emotional, theological and natural desires. However, it seems that a global effort to voluntarily control childbirth needs to happen.
I have been fortunate enough to have travelled the the world looking for unusual creatures and adventure.Some of these animals are very rare, some I have concludedare either extinct, or past the point of any viable sustainability( Mongolian Almas).
Turning to the Orang-Pendek, Debbie Martyr, Jeremey Holden and Sahar on my last expedition in September, have all described the intensity of emotion they felt on seeing it, seeing an ape that walked like a man, which caused such very tough people to burst into tears.
Yet there are serious pressures here.Let me give you an example. A farmer I know has 3 children.Each one will want land.His family and other Sumatrans are living longer than ever before. Where wil they get there land from, and where will their children get there`s from?
Only one place, otherwise they starve-and who is going to let their children starve?All they need to do you see, is cut down just a little bit more jungle, then just a little bit more jungle. Oh ,of course you have to shoot all the birds as well, because they will steal your seeds, and if any larger animals come to forage- well dinner is served..........
This is just an example of what is happening in one tiny corner of our world. It is a real example, I saw this happen just as I described it, over the last 1o years.
Whether you are with me on the existence of Yetis or not, I can gurantee that we will all be weeping for lost species within our lifetimes........

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