Monday, January 11, 2010

Sexy Snowmen.

Over the last few weeks, going to work has proved to be an arduous business. A mile or so down the road from me , the lowest temperature in England was recorded at minus 18! I am now wearing the gear I bought for the Himalayas to walk to the local park!
Public transport has obviously been badly affected, with many trains cancelled. Indeed ,last week I witnessed the bizarre site of men wearing the now de rigeur commuter uniform of suits and wellies ,fighting to squeeze themselves on my very overcrowded train the other day. The Guard had to go outside, and wave the angry mitten chewing , wolly hat brigade, away.
Meanwhile , the bored ,or just those who can`t get to work, have begun to craft increasing numbers of unusual snowmen. I saw one in a bikini the other day , which I found strangely attractive.
I hope the snow melts soon........

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