Thursday, June 10, 2010

India expedition confirmed./World Cup angst.

The dates for the India expedition have been agreed with my contact in India. I can confirm that we will be flying out at the end of October for approximately three weeks ,in search of evidence of the Mande-Burung. The Garo hills, which will be the main focus of the search, are traditionally one of the wettest places on Earth. Coming from Manchester though, no doubt I will find them more akin to a desert!I find it difficult to believe that anywhere on earth is wetter than Manchester in November.Certainly not my local train station anyway, which ,at 7.15 in the morning, on my way to work, seems to be shrouded in a permanent grey mist at that time of the year. In fact a `Manchester tan` is that orange colour some girls get when they mis-apply fake tan. Streaky legs anyone?
Of course, I am joking. Its a lovely part of the world really, and we do have some of the most beautiful scenery in the world here.....
Oh no, the World Cup is starting. Last time it was on, I was in Mongolia , looking for the Almas in the west of Mongolia. It drove me mad not knowing how England was doing,as I moved through the mountains,as I am a huge fan. When I was at University, I used to go to all the games at the old Wembley stadium.In Mongolia,I enjoyed friendly banter with plenty of nomads about who was going to win, and even watched a match in a huge beer tent in Ulanbataar on the way out to the mountains. Everyone else on earth seems to ant Brazil to win! My Grandad was an International footballer, playing for Wales, but of course they are not in the World Cup-next time maybe.
The first match we are playing is against the U.S.A. Of course we are bound to win.............

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