Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Its not over till the fat Yeti sings..........

The Lab in Denmark may yet be able to pull something out of the hairs we found in Sumatra in September.Like those we sent to Todd, they have found that the D.N.A. within them is badly decomposed. However, they are working on some new techniques which may yet yield some results.I am not building my hopes up, all we can do is wait and see.....
The planning of the Indian expedition is going well. I am just waiting for confirmation from the local team on the ground there, and then I should be able to confirm the dates we are going, at the latest , by the weekend. Then it will be a question of planning all the kit and equipment.
Yesterday, I was a true Brit by the sea. I sat next to Ella, ice cream in hand, and watched the waves gently lapping the beach at Llandudno. Afterwards, we went for Fish and Chips.
`This is the best day of my life,Daddy` said Ella.

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