Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Malaysian Bigfoot/Dr. Who and the Yeti.

Well, I have just about recovered from today's football match. England are through the qualifying rounds, with a spirited display, so national pride remains undiminished. Whatever happens in the next round, we have not disgraced ourselves. The U.S.A. are also through, so congratulations to them too. We now play our old footballing foes Germany on Sunday.........

With the plans for the India expedition progressing well, I have now begun to look at other cryptids to search for. One cryptid that has interested me for a while, is the Malaysian Bigfoot. Eyewitness reports seem to refer to a large bipedal primate.If it does exist, it seems to point to the existence of a relic Gigantopithicus, but it is far to early in my research to offer any substantive thoughts yet.I have made contact with the excellent Malaysian researcher, Vincent Chow, who is currently correlating the most recent reports on the creature. I will post more about this topic soon.
I read on Cryptomundo today that Dr.Who's Xmas special may well be on the Yeti.Excellent choice!I love the old Patrick Troughton episodes, and I have been hoping they will do something on the Yeti for some time. Personally, I think Matt Smith has done a great job as the new Doctor-a very good mix of intelligent eccentricity, and humour.Stephen Moffat is a superb writer-the Angels episodes were inspired.Looking forward to it. In the meantime, I will be getting ready for the match on Sunday............ .

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