Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Orang-Pendek sightings.

I have just recieved a report of new sightings of the Orang-Pendek from my friends Sahar and Dally in Sumatra. I have edited it slightly , mainly to avoid personal references, but other than that, here it is verbatim......
`Orang Pendek found by man on the small house near his Landang at 10 p.m. He saw Orang pendek was eating sugar, he saw orang pendek clearly about 1 metre from him. When he saw Orang Pendek he felt afraid and shock, he thought what is it?Monkey?Ape?Bear?Or what?Then he saw it is walking with two foots and stand up like human.
Then he stood up and took some sticks to hit the Orang Pendek, but he did not throw it because he was afraid.He made a loud sound to dispel Orang Pendek ,going out from his Pondok After he did this, it left.
After morning has come, at 6 a.m. he was still worried and he went to check, and he was shocked because he saw Orang-Pendek footprints.`
Makes me wish I was out there right now!

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