Saturday, July 24, 2010

Planning for India.

I have spent this last week compiling a potential kit list for the expedition in search of the Mande-Burung .Although we are not going until the end of October,its important to have a good idea of what kit we need now, not least because ,as we are self financed, we will need to start acquiring what we need ,slowly, over the coming months.We also need a good understanding of the terrain ,as we will need to carry what we need into the jungle, and weight will be an obvious constraint. Importantly, some of the technical kit, such as night vision technology , and cameras can also be temperamental in humid conditions. So, as well as doing our own research,I have been busy discussing this with my contacts in India.
I have also been considering other potential expeditions. As well as searches for Sasquatch and the Malaysian Bigfoot, the recent Lake Monster activity in Russia has caught my eye.There has been some speculation that the creature encountered by fishermen in Siberia may be reptilian ,but this has been dismissed by most commentators ,as the Lake is on too northerly a latitude to support a large reptilian creature;it is simply too cold in winter.`Ah, but what if it hibernates?`Is a theory that has been postulated by some. This interests me,as it compares very well with the conditions in Lake Seljord, where Selma, the `Norwegian Nessie` resides. In Winter, the Lake is totally frozen over,so the creatures must,I think, indulge in some form of hibernation. I wonder if there is any physiological comparison between the two? I will start to do some serious research on Siberia, in the coming months,to see if it is feasible and affordable to go out there.
In the middle of all this planning and musing today, my daughter,Ella ,(aged 6) came over to see what I was up to. She looked really unhappy, and had a little tear rolling down her cheek.. `Whats the matter ,sweetie? I said, obviously concerned.`Is there anything Daddy can do to help you?` `Not really, ` said Ella ,with a sigh `After all, you are ONLY a man`........

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