Sunday, July 4, 2010

Things to Cheer you up..

I have got over the football now,I really have. I have nature. After it had finished, I took I walk in some meadows near my home to clear my head. Cutting around an ancient hawthorn hedge,I accidentally flushed a small rabbit from the long grass.At that point, a little Owl came crashing down from the top of the hedge, in obvious pursuit,before landing hard on the ground, just three feet from my foot. It took one look at me , then shot straight back up into its lair in the foliage. Awesome .
I have laughter. Aide from my normal Friday nights down the pub, a new comedy has hit the U.K. on Thursday night-Lee Nelson's `Well Good Show`.Its next on on Thursday, BBC3 at 11p.m. If you live in the U.K. watch it.
I have adventure. Right now I have more expeditions brewing than I could possibly go on.I am skint after paying for the flights for India to search for the Mande-Burung,but I can always save again.
So , you see I don't need football. In fact I never want to talk about football ever again!

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