Monday, October 12, 2009

I am out of hospital!

Many thanks to all those who sent me messages of support .It has been a grim week with dysentry, but I am better now and ready to move on. I am already beginning to consider possibilities for my next adventure.......

I will answer just a few points on Sumatra that are still outstanding:

Yes we did use trailcams, and they are the best way of capturing a photo of the OP. To set some up and have them monitored over a conisderable period of time would of course be the optimum situation. However, out of both necessity and respect this would entail liaising with the Indonesian govt and require serious funding. I hope it happens, and I know it is being worked on.( Not by me-it would require at least a year there I think to give it a good chance -I`m movin on!).

I know there are many legendary descriptions of the OP , and sometimes mythology surrounds these creatures. All of the eyewitnesses I have spoken to describe a bipedal, dark coloured ape. It is a very real ,unique and fascinating creature, but it is still an ape.

In terms of my relationship with the guides.Well , I have know them for years, I have watched their children grow up, and I correspond with them regularly. I have also spent 5 years cross examining people for a living.Day in and day out I asessed whether people were lying to me or not. Dave Archer also saw the OP at the same time.
Only a fool will say he cannot be fooled, but were I to suggest a fabrication, I think those individuals involved would be justifiably insulted....
One more day on the antibiotics now, and then I can finally have a beer !!!

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  1. We have been drinking in your absence to your good health...