Saturday, March 20, 2010

The end of MonsterQuest & Ellas further adventures.

A few days ago , I was very sorry to hear that MonsterQuest may be coming to an end. I consider it to be a very good series on cryptozoology. Importantly, it has sought to analyse evidence in an open minded and balanced way. I had a blast making the episodes on the Orang-Pendek, the Yeren and the Yeti! While it has had a great run, there are still so many more cryptids it could cover. If you like the series , and want it to stay, please make your feelings known to the History Channel.

Please be careful about what you are eating. Jungle keeps being ripped down for Palm Oil plantations. For what? So your chocolate bar can stay on the shelf a bit longer.Once its gone , its gone forever. Sure, land can flourish again, but there is simply no way of recreating pristine virgin rainforest, and the ecosystems within it. It simply isn`t good enough to not care.Personally speaking, I do not want to be judged by future historians as being part of the generation that allowed such beautiful, wonderful creations to be destroyed.
I am off to Brussels tomorrow.Before I go though, I have been looking after my five year old daughter Ella again today. As her adventures seem to be one of the most popular features on this website, I thought I should tell you about how she managed to disgrace us both again.
My job was to take Ella to a party. The house where it was held was in a very genteel and posh part of a suburb called Bramhall, near where I live. Especially for the occasion, Ella had worn a cute little party dress, in peach, with a little peach bow in her hair.
The driveway to the house where the party was held , was a long gravel affair. Bordered by fountains on either side, it looked like Manchesters answer to Versailles.I knocked on the door, and it was opened by an immaculately dressed woman. `Oh , Gabriella darling, she said `sooo good you could come darling`.... .`Bye Ella`,I said to my child`s rapidly diminishing back. `Whatever, Daddy ` Said Ella.
Two hours later, I returned to pick her up. `Oh, do come in ,darling ` said the woman, the childrens entertainer is just finishing a last game of charades with the children` No problem ` I said. I was the only guy there, but that didn`t seem to matter, as I got a few nods and smiles from the mothers I recognised.
In the middle of the room ,a child was hopping. `What is it, children?` said the entertainer. `A kangaroo!` shouted a little girl with red hair at the front. `Yes, well done Felicity,said the entertainer, you can have a prize!`
`Now , we have time for just one more go; who wants to volunteer?` ` Me, meeee!` Said Ella.

Ella strode into the middle of the room. She then went down on the floor, putting her hands above her head, and began wiggling across the carpet. `What is the animal, children?` said the entertainer. `A snake` said one. `No ` , said Ella. `A an earthworm` said another `No` said Ella.
A few more frustrated guesses ensued. `We don`t know what it is, Gabriella, can you tell us?`Said the entertainer, sweetly.
`Its one of those big long white worms that comes out of your BUM! ` Said Ella.
At that point I heard someone groaning very loud inside my head. Everyone seemed to be stunned . I wanted to find a corner to curl up in, but there was none.I was bathed in the harsh light of the mothers judgment.
The groaning didn`t seem to stop, as I walked down that long, long gravel driveway.
`That was funny` Daddy,`said Ella , as she happily skipped along.
What a great time to leave the country for a few days!!

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