Saturday, March 13, 2010

Scoring in your Seventies.......

I have decided that I want to nail down where I plan to go on my next expedition by the end of April. In truth, I am a little bored, and I need something to look forward too!
This week, I decided to do a long hike across the Moors and on to some local Peaks. As well as the obvious fitness benefits, the objective was also to try out the efectiveness of some of the new kit I had bought, on picking up and tracking large animals, such as deer. Clearly, if the gear works well on them, it should be able to pick out the movement of cryptids too, particularly hominids. My father had also asked to come with me. Although he is pushing 70, he is still very fit. He is also still a really good swimcoach. He trained me to be Manchester champion as a child, and is currently training someone to swim a marathon for charity.The plan was that he would leave me just before the snowline.I would make the final ascent then, and would pick him back up on my descent.
We arrived in the carpark at the start of our mini adventure , and I began to prep and check the kit. Just across from us, two women , in their mid thirties, had just returned to their car, and were preparing to leave.
`Hmm, ` said my Dad.`Check out the two ladies over there`, one of them is really rather nice`, he said. `Yes, right Dad`, I said, not really looking up .`Back in a couple of minutes`, he said, before heading off in their general direction. I was preoccupied , and thought nothing of it. I was still waiting for him ten minutes later, when he eventually strolled back over to me, with a piece of paper in his hand.
`Finally ready now` ? I said. `Lets go`! He declared, and we began walking along the country road that would lead us to the start of our hike.As we were about to turn off, a white car slowed down beside us.It contained the two women. `Bye bye Ken, hope to see you SOOON shouted one, blowing him a kiss`. He waved back ,and they drove off. I was openmouthed, standing in the road. `Did you just score a date?? ` I said, momentarily unable to comprehend what I was witnessing.
My father turned to me, and replied in a deadly serious voice `the difference between you and me son, is that I have both charisma, and an excellent physique`. Then like some `Sage of the score`, he moved off, and began a somewhat smug climb to the top.
Its come to something ,I thought ,when I am getting pulling advice from my old Dad !!!

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