Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting itchy feet

This weekend, I have taken the opportunity to go away to do a couple of long distance runs ( 2 hrs each) to boost my fitness. The weather has been all glorious sunshine. Yesterday, I ran by a gently meandering river.I did not see another soul for miles. With the Prodigy on full blast (`Breathe `is awesome running song),and the ground carpeted by snowdrops, it was an exhilarating experience.
That said, though , I am now getting itchy feet. This has nothing to do with the runing, I hasten to add!
Last night , I met up with Anthony at the pub, and this formed one of the topics of discussion.
`I feel like I need to get going off somewhere soon, I miss the Jungles and Mountains. I am seriously bored by the daily grind` I said. `I understand, mate .` I know you need to organise a new expedition, but you have to be realistic. You told me yourself that you never go into debt for these things, so you will just have to save and wait, like you planned, unless you get that `lucky break` you have been dreaming of....`
`Anyway, ` he said ,`enough of that ` I want to ask you a question`. `Go on, ` I said. `Why is it that no woman has ever lived with me for more than a year?` `What?` I said laughing `No I am serious`. He said . They all seem to go before then`. As he listed his exes, I realised he was right.
I thought hard. `Well, when I lived at your place, you used to make those `sock nests`.They might be a factor.` He laughed..`But I like taking off my socks when I`m watching T.V! He exclaimed.`Maybe , but little piles of socks around the sofa , combined with black and white documentaries on `Tanks of the Second World War`, are not going to do it for most ladies`,I said.
`It should though really`, sighed Anthony. `I guess I will never truly understand women`.
`The nests are staying though.For they are what maketh the man!

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