Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Training.

Its hot in the U.K. right now, and it seems to be getting hotter. Whilst I am not a fashion guru by any means, I do have to say a serious no ,to sandals and socks. Gentlemen, if you wear that combo, you will NEVER get laid again......
The animals also seem to be making the most of the temperatures.The tortoise has now become `The Lord Of The Carpet`, as the conditions are more akin to Reptiles, whilst in contrast my two Burmese cats look like they have been stuffed, immobile in the sun.

Outdoors, the hedgehog I have been giving a few treats too, has become bolder,shufling between my feet, as I sat outdoors late on Thursday night.
This all bodes well for the weekend.In true bohemian fashion, I am off to spend a few days sleeping in caves, tracking and obviously chilling.I always have a great time.
I went to an 80S party last night, dressed in all my old Ska gear. How come I know all the tunes? I have no idea, I am far to young for all of that!
In the words of Haircut 100 :
`Where do we go from here? Is it down to the lake I fear....

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