Saturday, May 8, 2010

Making Progress.

Well, it seems like we have a difference of opinion on last weeks `important` question. Most Brits and their continental cousins, seems to be voting for the `Balls of a bulldog` , whereas my American friends seem to prefer the Horses mane comb over. I am heartened that in the midst of General Election, people were able to turn their minds to such mindless amusing trivia!

Preparations for India are trundling along nicely, and we are starting to get to grips with the type of equipment we will need.As well as the almost de rigeur camera traps, we are also sourcing some of the most up to date night vision technology.Inevitably, the key determinant will be what we can afford.
Sightings of the Orang-Pendek, encouragingly are continuing , I can report, with the greatest concentrations focusing in some of the very important areas I have researched before.I know its out there,its more a question of whether I can prove it exists....
This afternoon, I have been tracking (not hunting)deer and pheasant with Ella and Olly.The children practised mimicking their calls, and spotting their sign and movement through the countryside. They were impressive.Afterwards ,Ella (who you will remember is five),went up to a Ranger. `Do you know `, she said `I will be both the worlds greatest tracker and mountaineer, when I grow up` she said. Ella never ever lacks confidence!
There is also another very exciting prospect in the pipeline. I will reveal more of that ,when I can, here. Things are looking good though , my friends........


  1. Adam,
    Was there any result from the Sumatran samples you were sending to lars Thomson (?) I was hoping when you said you had some good news coming up you had an interesting result.
    It appears the situation with DNA as with Neanderthal and humans etc. is moving and one hopes that it will with DNA and cryptids like Orang Pendek. I think the imformation is there but somehow scientists cannot come up with the answers. Your samples must have had some DNA in them even if it was ubiquitous human DNA

  2. Norman,

    I mailed Todd today with your specific enquiry.His response was that as far as the samples I sent to him go, they yielded no D.N.A. results.This he speculates, was probably because they were destroyed by the heat and /or the humidity of the conditions.As you have correctly identified though, this is not the end of the story.The tests that are still being conducted on other samples we gathered are being done entirely as a favour.The lab in Copenhagen, as I understand it , has had to cope with reduced funding recently, hence the delay in the completion of their testing process.As and when they do complete,I will of course publish their findings. Adam.

  3. Many thanks for your trouble and clear answer. Norman