Saturday, May 15, 2010


Recently, there has been a lot of discussion amongst those who follow cryptozoology, about whether it is appropriate to receive funding or not. So, I thought I would clarify my own position on the matter.
In terms of donations, I have never got so much as a dime off anyone. With the exception of the films I have made, I ,and the people with me , have financed them in their entirety themselves.Indeed, I never asked for money.In this very materialistic world we live in, I am always surprised by how measurement of achievement is often related to how much money someone has accrued, rather than what they have achieved, or done for others.Indeed, even on the films-I financed my own trip for National Geographic when I went to Mongolia.In terms of the films I made for MonsterQuest, they paid for my trip out, but I never asked or received any money from them.Indeed, Will Yates, the producer on Apeman of Sumatra, did offer me a small fee, but I never collected it. Over the years, I have spent thousands of pounds of my own cash , on the hunt for cryptids.Why? Simply, because I passionately believe some of them exist, and by proving that to science, I hope to enhance the possibility of them STILL existing after I am gone. Cash just never came into it.That was for over ten years.
This however, is not always the best strategy, and I acknowledge this. For example, when I last left the Congo, I literally had the equivalent of a fiver in my back pocket.In a dangerous place, where money talks, I was at serious risk, and to have had extra funding would have been a great relief. On an amusing note ,just before I went on Camera in China, I had to have my old charity shop pants stitched up ( with pink cotton as a joke, by the Producer,Jared).
That said, I do not disapprove of organisations or individuals who raise money for research.Indeed, within my own experience, some of the things I have achieved would not have been possible without funding. I first pitched the China`s Wildman film to Doug at MQ. I could not have afforded to go without the teams funding and expertise.I am very glad he took me up on it!
People often say to me `why don`t you use this type of camera , or this piece of equipment?I am always open to ideas, but normally the answer is , `because I can`t afford it, right now`
The website you are reading is run by Ash from the Parafactor.He does it, as a favour to me,because he is my friend.
I would love to do this full time. Ideally,making films along the way.There is nothing I enjoy,or care about more, apart from my kids.At the moment though, I work full time. I will get Paypal on this site soon, and every single penny raised , will go towards expeditions. I think I have to recognise, that for whatever reason ,not everybody wants to go running through jungles , or climbing mountains, but they DO care, and that can be a way for people to consider that they are part of the story. So, whilst it is completely right to give anxious scrutiny to those you do donate to (its your money after all),please do continue to give, if you can.A lot of good IS being done. I ,for my part, will continue to try my best.

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